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Social networking websites is shrinking the physical distance

Social Networking

Social networks today prove to be the main lifeline in contacting a person these days. It’s more an e-socialising and it is such a force that people do most of their living through websites like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace and Twitter. [...]

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Twitter Bug – Now You Can Tweet More than 140 Characters

Twitter Bird Logo

Twitter had a bug running in their system, which recently allowed Twitter users to Tweet more than 140 characters. Great Right? Thanks to the bug, but, many of the Mobile devices and 3rd party apps are built in to show [...]

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How To : Tweet More Than 140 Characters in Twitter

As We all are aware that Twitter allows only 140 Character per Tweet, Its gonna be a great mess breaking up tweets in to 2 messages or so. So obviously, there rise a chance to look up for tweeting more [...]

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