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Sony Vaio S 15 – A Thin and Powerful Business Laptop

Sony Vaio S 15

Sony Vaio S is a known portable line, it is intended to business users who want an environment thin, light and powerful laptops but are not willing to pay for an expensive top of the range Vaio Z model. The [...]

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Sony VAIO Duo 11 – An Amazing Ultrabook and Tablet

Official Sony VAIO Duo 11 is a hybrid ultrabook. Basically, it differs greatly from the ultrabook listed here before. The manufacturer wanted to highlight the UI optimized touchscreen of Windows 8, while retaining specific features of a laptop. The result [...]

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Sony VAIO T 13 – A Stylish and Cheap Ultrabook

One of the famous manufacturers of laptops which weren’t at the Ultrabook party was Sony, the company expressed its reluctance for the new Intel initiative. Finally, they decided to explore the laptop market for strong, thin, light and affordable laptops [...]

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Sony VAIO Z – ultra-portable performance, reinvented

The word innovation should be used carefully when talking about portable computer market. There are many differences between device manufacturers and results are mostly cosmetic. Sony has managed to come this year with a new concept for the admiral ship [...]

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Sony Vaio EA – Electric Green

Sony VAIO range has a unique design, supplemented by electric colors (green, blue, and purple) and a screen of 35,5 cm (14 inches) and is ideal for everyday use, navigation, blogging, or multimedia applications. Sony Vaio EA offers a large [...]

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