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Samsung Galaxy S7 Most Useful Tips and Tricks – Enhance Your Experience

Samsung Galaxy S7 Tips

Samsung Galaxy S7 comes in two versions: a classic one with a screen of 5.1 inches, and Edge with 5.5-inch screen. Both have 4GB of RAM, 2K screen resolution, 32 or 64GB of storage and microSD card support up to [...]

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Samsung Galaxy S7 – A Smartphone Near Perfection

Samsung Galaxy S7 2

Samsung Galaxy S7 passed on to our review. we've discovered since the launch event in Barcelona, a device not too easy to find errors with it, a device very close to perfection. Samsung Galaxy S7 - Technical Specifications We will [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 – Review

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0

The all new Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 is getting all the attention possible from the tech freaks all over the world. There are a lot of things that comes with the phone and it is considered to be one of [...]

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Samsung Finding Way For BADA

Nokia and Microsoft are working big time to make a sustainable space for the Windows phones. Lots of money has already been spent in and quite a number of people are already involved in tracking its shipments. With such a [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Ace (future beyond smart phone)

Samsung has made quite an impact on smart phone market with its futuristic range of galaxy series of phones. The latest soldier to join the army is Samsung Galaxy Ace. Like its predecesors, this machine is also equipped with Google’s [...]

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Samsung Diva Collections – S7070 And S5150 – Sexy Phone For Divas

Samsung recently announced 2 mobiles, exclusively for Girl Divas, who love to hangout with their phone. Naming it themselves as Diva Collection, Samsung seems to be able to meet the requirements for a perfect phone to a Women. Made it [...]

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Samsung Screen Is Better Than Apple -Samsung AMOLED Technology

Apple made their users wonder by implanting Retina Screens on to their Iphone 4. Apple made it after a long sort of research over the materials to make it Harder and Durable than the Simple Plastic. Atlast they came up [...]

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Samsung Omnia Pro B7320 – Running in Windows Mobile 6.1 (Updation Allowed Till 6.5) – Review

The B7320 has a classy. business-friendly appeal although the brown color tone may put off a few. Its sleek and fairly light. The fairly sized screen disappoints owing to average sunlight legibility. The keyboard has well sized keys, but they [...]

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Samsung Omnia PRO B7320 – Full Specifications/Features In A List

Here goes the Qwerty Phone Samsung Omnia PRO B7320's Features and Specifications In a List.Hope that would do some sort of great help to people who needs to know more about it or is planning to get one OWN.So here [...]

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Samsung Star Nano 3G From Samsung To The 3G Phone Row

At last, Nano Version comes into mobiles too. Samsung has introduced A New Version phone, naming Samsung Star Nano 3G recently to their 3g Phone Row. As per the news say, this model phone, i.e the Samsung Star 3G Nano [...]

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