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Most Expensive Phone In The World – iPhone Supreme $3.12Million

Supreme iPhone

The Worlds Most expensive phone is out by a British Company on November 2009. since now, being 2010, the phone remains in the top among the worlds Most Expensive phone. The phone is encrusted by nearly 200 High Quality Diamonds. [...]

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Coca Cola Powered Phone – Its Better To Use Sweet Drinks Like Coca Cola Than Lithium Batteries

Daizhi Zheng, a Chinese designer has been working on to make a Coca Cola Powered Phone, yes Coke powered phone which need no battery but just some coke, or sweet drink. This phone, she was working on has been under [...]

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Samsung Star Nano 3G From Samsung To The 3G Phone Row

At last, Nano Version comes into mobiles too. Samsung has introduced A New Version phone, naming Samsung Star Nano 3G recently to their 3g Phone Row. As per the news say, this model phone, i.e the Samsung Star 3G Nano [...]

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Turning Ipad into Phone Is Just So Easy

Have an Apple Ipad?? Dont you like to make a Phone call from that?? Is that possible? Yes It is. The New app For Apple Ipad From Skype Makes that possible for all Ipad users. To Convert Ipad To a [...]

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