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Nokia Morph Concept Using Nano Technology – Video

Nokia Morph Concept Phone

Nokia Morph concept, which uses Nano Technology , gives out a mere view to what technology can be in the future. Morph Concept phone is not so far, but will be live soon. This makes phone Dirt Repellent, Stretchable, Fold-able, [...]

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Samsung Star Nano 3G From Samsung To The 3G Phone Row

At last, Nano Version comes into mobiles too. Samsung has introduced A New Version phone, naming Samsung Star Nano 3G recently to their 3g Phone Row. As per the news say, this model phone, i.e the Samsung Star 3G Nano [...]

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Tata Nano To Be Test Run For A 12000 Km On Roads

Tata declares officially for a Test Run To Tata Nano, the worlds cheapest car to be put forward on to a 12000 Km Long Run. Tata Nano has already got positive reports on its efficiency from the British Forensic Specialists, [...]

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