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Microsoft Lumia 650 Review – Powerful Cheap Smartphone

Microsoft Lumia 650

Completing phones offer with Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft Lumia 650 represents significant progress towards Lumia phones to this date, colored plastic leaving place of one brushed metal surface, more compact and more stylish than we hoped to meet in this [...]

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Revival of the Grudge Wars

Even though Samsung is trying hard to get in between, Apple fans still mark Microsoft as the only worthy opponent that the company needs to defeat. The battle of superiority between theses genius computing giants has been on since ages [...]

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Punishing It – Internet Explorer Or The Great Microsoft Internet Explorer – Drawbacks

Am introducing a variety category named " Punish It " in which the major softwares with drawbacks can be kept into for Firing. Am Glad to have Internet Explorer Up in the First post. How about the Performance of Internet [...]

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Internet Explorer 9 For Windows 7 , Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) And Windows Server R2

After the last version of IE, i.e the Internet Explorer 8, which received a lot of  harassment than appreciation which was expected to be maximum, Microsoft looks forward to develop Internet Explorer 9 to give out a fair try to [...]

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