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Tech revolution – the Laptops 14”

Laptops 14

One of the most essential technological accessories that are used in recent times for entertainment and for work is the piece of innovation – the laptop. There are newer advancements and technological innovations made in the lap tops and in [...]

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Google Launches Chromebook

  Started by initially giving the free samples, Google has strike hard the IT world by now launching its own computer ,the Chromebook at the  Google's annual I/O developer conference at San Francisco. Filling the speculations as they were, Chromebook [...]

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Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 Review

The 15-inch MacBook Pro specs are: 2.2 GHz quad-core i7, 4GB RAM and 750 GB hard drive. Interestingly, the GPU comes with an AMD graphics processor. The 15-inch model comes with an AMD Radeon HD 6490M (the review model came [...]

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How To : Optimize Your Laptop Battery

Well, In this busy world, All of us deal with laptops. But still the battery Backup make us worried.It extinguishes on the time we need it and has a lot remaining when the laptop is unused. Weird stuff 🙂 Well, [...]

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