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iPad 2 Review – One Of The Best Tablets

Even if the first iPad was greeted by a large reluctance of the public, starting from the premise that it is difficult to insert a device in the segment between a smartphone and a notebook, Apple has relied heavily on [...]

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Ipad Apps Can Now Be Integrated to Work With Facebook

Facebook SDK

Facebook has announced about their update on the iOS SDK, which now allow Ipad apps to be intregated into Facebook to be work on It.The new SDK provides access to the new Graph API and utilizes oAuth Technology. The newly [...]

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Turning Ipad into Phone Is Just So Easy

Have an Apple Ipad?? Dont you like to make a Phone call from that?? Is that possible? Yes It is. The New app For Apple Ipad From Skype Makes that possible for all Ipad users. To Convert Ipad To a [...]

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