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Common Verification For Google Webmasters And Google Analytics

Google Analytics And Webmasters Verification

Google Analytics and Google Webmasters required separate verifications to get the thing working. Google Webmasters need verification either by adding a meta tag, uploading an HTML file or a DNS record. At the same time,Google Analytics need a JavaScript placed [...]

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Google.Com has 35 HTML Errors And Warnings!! Isnt That Funny?

Google Logo - HTML Validation

Recently, While Validating HTML of my site in , I simply tried Validating Results were strange. I thought they ran perfectly well, since they had a landing page with at most No contents a single centralized search bars [...]

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Google Chrome 5 Stable – For Windows, Linux And Mac With New Features

Google has atlast launched the stable version of their browser Google Chrome which is now available as Full and Free for Linux, Mac and Windows with New Features and a Speedy Browsing Capability.Google Chrome was well known for its speedy [...]

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Hi-Speed Browsing With Google DNS

Google Is now offering A Public Domain Name Service or DNS Resolution serviceTo All Internet Users So as to use instead of The Service Provided DNS.If We go for Using Google DNS, Out browser will Use the Google DNS, for [...]

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