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Has pagerank really disappeared? Would we need a coupon to activate it?

Pagerank has been one of the key factors on determining the success of a website’s search engine optimization (SEO). The idea of it disappearing is unfathomable at best but somehow, Pagerank for all websites seem to have disappeared for a [...]

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Google Launches Chromebook

  Started by initially giving the free samples, Google has strike hard the IT world by now launching its own computer ,the Chromebook at the  Google's annual I/O developer conference at San Francisco. Filling the speculations as they were, Chromebook [...]

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Google Brings Out New Adsense Unit of 200 x 200 Format

Google Adsense

Adsense Officially Announces the launch of their new Ad Format of 200 x 200. Google Calls it to be said as Small Square! As Google Adsense Blog states, it is to be launched under the reviews of  the publishers of [...]

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Motorola Unveiling Droid X With Google And Verizon


Motorola had recently unveiled their latest phone Droid X with a  huge official presence. The Unveiling of the Phone Motorola Droid X was in the presence of Google CEO, Adobe CEO, Google Vice President And Motorola's Co-CEO. That is too [...]

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Google Toilet : What is this Video About?

Here is a video which i found on, while i was browsing on to some sites. And I just thought to share it up with you guys. It titles Google Toilet. But in it, It shows a Google, Toilet, Facebook [...]

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