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Social networking websites is shrinking the physical distance

Social Networking

Social networks today prove to be the main lifeline in contacting a person these days. It’s more an e-socialising and it is such a force that people do most of their living through websites like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace and Twitter. [...]

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Ipad Apps Can Now Be Integrated to Work With Facebook

Facebook SDK

Facebook has announced about their update on the iOS SDK, which now allow Ipad apps to be intregated into Facebook to be work on It.The new SDK provides access to the new Graph API and utilizes oAuth Technology. The newly [...]

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Facebook To Be Banned Life Long in Pakistan

Facebook, which is one of the leading social network is to be banned life long in Pakistan. 70% of the people in Pakistan want the social network to be banned whole among the country Life Long, whereas only 15% of [...]

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Facebook Social Plugins – Like Button Box (Fanbox Badge), Recommendations, Facepile, Activity Feed

Facebook is a privately owned Social network completely under Facebook. Inc and have running under them. From September 2006, Facebook started allowing people who are 13+ of age and who has a valid email to be their members. [...]

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