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HP Battery Overheating Problem : Inevitable Debacle?

Hewlett-Packard was having quite a time in the business as almost every product has been getting the review and the commercial response they wanted. Their latest laptop series, the G series is already quite popular among people and the features [...]

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Coca Cola Powered Phone – Its Better To Use Sweet Drinks Like Coca Cola Than Lithium Batteries

Daizhi Zheng, a Chinese designer has been working on to make a Coca Cola Powered Phone, yes Coke powered phone which need no battery but just some coke, or sweet drink. This phone, she was working on has been under [...]

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How To : Optimize Your Laptop Battery

Well, In this busy world, All of us deal with laptops. But still the battery Backup make us worried.It extinguishes on the time we need it and has a lot remaining when the laptop is unused. Weird stuff πŸ™‚ Well, [...]

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