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ASUS Zen AiO Pro Z240IC – Best All-in-One On The Market

ASUS Zen AiO Pro Z240IC

Until recently the category of All-in-One computers does not come out very much in evidence, several companies have suddenly decided to invest more resources in developing new models. Perhaps this decision was influenced by new components for mobile PCs, approaching [...]

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ASUS FonePad – The Tablet At Your Ear

ASUS FonePad

Slowly but surely, the line between tablets and smartphones will disappear. The big mobile phone manufacturers began to increase screens of their models and tablet manufacturers have diversified their demand with smaller models. Finally, the two worlds intersected in the [...]

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ASUS N750 – A Powerful Multimedia Laptop With 17″ Screen


The N Series notebooks from ASUS is already a traditional one, including powerful multimedia laptops with screens between 14 and 17 inches. After significant design change last year, ASUS N Series announced new GPUs from NVIDIA and, as expected, with [...]

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ASUS PadFone – The Innovation Of The Year.

ASUS PadFone

ASUS PadFone resulted from the combination of a Smartphone with a tablet. ASUS has combined two highly used gadgets in just one. But the most beautiful feature is that you can talk on the stylus. ASUS PadFone is a revolutionary [...]

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Asus RT-N16 – Wireless Gigabit Router -High Perfomance With Ease of Use

ASUS RT-N16 has a distinct appearance- a cool white shade and 3 protruding antennae. Its a tad larger than some other routers. Although having support for 802.11n,its sad to know that it doesn't support theĀ  5-Ghz band, which comes in [...]

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