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ASUS PadFone 2 – Based on a Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Krait

ASUS PadFone 2

ASUS is one of the few manufacturers of portable which develops revolutionary technologies and products. In 2011, the Taiwanese manufacturer has revolutionized the tablet market with the ASUS Transformer. When the big players were launching the Apple tablet, ASUS said [...]

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Asus Taichi 31 – The Elegance Of A Ultrabook With Two Screens

Asus Taichi 31 2

If Asus Taichi was released before Windows 8, would have been considered a freak of nature. When you run an operating system but with a good support for touch screens, is easy to justify an ultrabook with two displays and [...]

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ASUS VivoTab ​​TF810C with Intel Atom and Windows 8

ASUS VivoTab ​​TF810C

ASUS VivoTab TF810C is an easy and practical tablet, well built and offers good performance due to its 1.8GHz Intel Atom processor. Connected to the dock, it transforms into a netbook with range of up to 19 hours. Do not [...]

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ASUS PadFone – The Innovation Of The Year.

ASUS PadFone

ASUS PadFone resulted from the combination of a Smartphone with a tablet. ASUS has combined two highly used gadgets in just one. But the most beautiful feature is that you can talk on the stylus. ASUS PadFone is a revolutionary [...]

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Infinity Pad Transformer ASUS sets new standards in the market with Android tablets

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity is the best Android tablet on the market at this time. Here we are talking about its autonomy, application performance, portability and the practical use of the system. ASUS is one of the few manufacturers of [...]

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ASUS Transformer Prime – An Amazing Tablet

ASUS Transformer Prime

ASUS Transformer Prime has a thickness of only 8.3mm and weights only 586g. The tablet comes equipped with Nvidia Tegra 3 and Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The new Transformer generation comes totally changed. And if the first Transformer [...]

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Asus Eee Pad Slider – A Tablet with Fixed Keyboard

ASUS Eee Pad Slider

ASUS Eee Pad Slider is a tablet with very similar characteristics to those of the ASUS Transformer, but the QWERTY keyboard is not removable. No ASUS tablet has not gone unnoticed. Each managed to break a corner of the tablet [...]

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Asus Prime Transformer – A Top Android Tablet

Platform and operating system Not being the kind of person who buys a toy just because it looks nice, I will quickly go over the details of the exterior and I will focus on what matters: the daily use of [...]

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer – 2-in-1 Tablet

Strengths of tablet are given by the bright 10.1-inch screen, high sound quality, impressive battery autonomy and the option to connect to a versatile docking station. We believe that Asus Eee Pad Transformer is the perfect tablet for Optimus Prime, [...]

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