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iPhone 6S Review – A Great Phone For Everyone’s Pockets

iPhone 6S, Apple, Review

iPhone 6S does not bring many things in addition to the previous model, but has repaired some of the most important issues. Not few were those who claimed that the iPhone 6 is the most beautiful phone ever made. Indeed, [...]

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The Improvements On iPhone 5S

Hand holding smartphone with blank screen

We're finally approaching the fall season, and that means that a number of exciting tech releases are imminent. Among these, the iPhone 5S will probably wind up making the most noise, as any time Apple releases a new mobile device [...]

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Multiple New Features in Apple iPod Nano 2012

Apple iPod Nano 2012

Apple iPod Nano 2012 comes with multiple new features like 2.5 inch multi touch display 16 GB of memory and Bluetooth compatibility. At the same time, the providers have kept the price reasonable. Apple’s iPod Nano is neither new nor [...]

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Revival of the Grudge Wars

Even though Samsung is trying hard to get in between, Apple fans still mark Microsoft as the only worthy opponent that the company needs to defeat. The battle of superiority between theses genius computing giants has been on since ages [...]

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Apple iPod Nano 2011 Review

Apple iPod Nano 2011

Since from the inception of Apple’s original iPod, the Apple team was looking for some revolutionary ideas to include them in its next version of portable music player and the result is Apple iPod nano 2011, which is an exciting, [...]

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Apple i0S 5 – The Latest Music Player in the Market

Apple i0S 5 – The Latest Music Player in the Market

Apple is known for its penchant to release new and standardized products into the market. The products are not only reliable and sturdy but also are very much stylish and sleek. One of the latest product from Apple that was [...]

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iPhone5 – Upcoming Smart Phone from Apple

 Apple iphone 5

To keep pace with the stiff competition it is facing from others; especially Google Android run BlackBerry from Samsung, Apple has now announced its latest iPhone5 with many new features. When it comes to top seller in Apple products, the [...]

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Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 Review


The 15-inch MacBook Pro specs are: 2.2 GHz quad-core i7, 4GB RAM and 750 GB hard drive. Interestingly, the GPU comes with an AMD graphics processor. The 15-inch model comes with an AMD Radeon HD 6490M (the review model came [...]

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Ipad Apps Can Now Be Integrated to Work With Facebook

Facebook SDK

Facebook has announced about their update on the iOS SDK, which now allow Ipad apps to be intregated into Facebook to be work on It.The new SDK provides access to the new Graph API and utilizes oAuth Technology. The newly [...]

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Samsung Screen Is Better Than Apple -Samsung AMOLED Technology

Apple made their users wonder by implanting Retina Screens on to their Iphone 4. Apple made it after a long sort of research over the materials to make it Harder and Durable than the Simple Plastic. Atlast they came up [...]

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