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Android …Safe No More?

It was started at Palo Alto, California in the year 2003, when Android was devised so as to provide a better and smarter mobile experience. Its development was a total secret, till Google bought it in the year 2005.The progress [...]

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HTC Aria | HTC Aria Review | HTC Aria For $129.99| HTC Aria On AT&T

Htc Aria android Phone at AT&T

HTC Aria Which is a Very Rich and Powerful addition to the Android Row Phones of HTC, is on AT&T for $129.99. Is int it quite interesting ? The Phone will be available on the Android  Smartphone Row, from the [...]

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Nvidias's latest Android Tablet Strikes Market

A rounded, plastic tape on the iPad; that's how you would explain the Android tablet at first sight. Inside this  tablet, you see, Nvidia's Tegra 2, the heart of which is a dual core ARM Cortex A9—a chip that's a generation [...]

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