Twitter Bug – Now You Can Tweet More than 140 Characters

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Twitter had a bug running in their system, which recently allowed Twitter users to Tweet more than 140 characters. Great Right? Thanks to the bug, but, many of the Mobile devices and 3rd party apps are built in to show only 140 charecters and hence our long tweet wont come  up properly in those devices or websites which is a Twitter 3rd party. But in normal view, yeah, our tweet will come superb.

So here goes the step to try out.

1) <<Enter this URL to the address bar with your message which is longer than 140 Characters in the place of Some. i.e your message should come after "="

2) Hit enter and it will take you to a page where you have to click Tweet.

3. Enjoy, Viola, You got your Tweet which is 140+ Characters. Try it before the bug is fixed up.

2 Responses to “Twitter Bug – Now You Can Tweet More than 140 Characters”

  1. like like like like like like like like it! 😀

  2. gacbudabuda July 16, 2012

    Thanks for the info. I will try it and inform my friends too. I'll follow the steps you posted. and then will be right back. yeah that's great!

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