Social networking websites is shrinking the physical distance

Social NetworkingSocial networks today prove to be the main lifeline in contacting a person these days. It’s more an e-socialising and it is such a force that people do most of their living through websites like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace and Twitter. Children, teens, young adults and even the old have accounts on these websites which connect them to the world outside.

To a housebound person, it provides the dire need of connectivity to other peers outside in the world. These websites began as a simple way of socializing among a few people, but the idea grew and snowballed into something so huge and vast that today most of the people in the world are on these pages. These websites allow one to follow the activities of one’s favourite person is it in movies, music, religion – you name it, you have it. Such is the power of the media that it has almost attained a cult like status. The power of these social websites is so great that if one was to be ignored or ‘denied’ a friend request sent by them; the ramifications are enormous and almost lead to actual social ostracism.

To the people in their thirties and forties, these social portals prove to be a great source of reconnecting with old friends with who they have studied in the past decade, or maybe even to reconnect with one’s school teachers and neighbours in a town from which they moved long ago. This brings with it a good feeling of togetherness and familiarity – a quite pleasure akin to no other.

Another reason why these social websites are so popular is that it shrinks physical distance. One’s friends may have relocated to different continents, but the common thread of friendship is kept alive when they post messages, share pictures and recount their experiences via these websites.


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