NVIDIA 3D Vision is available on YouTube

Firefox, along with the 3D Vision technology offers a truly impressive 3D viewing experience for videos based on open standards like HTML 5. "Vision 3D technology from NVIDIA is a good example of the rich experience that Firefox offers software to applications on the Internet through visual processing speed and power". said Jay Sullivan, VP of Products at Mozilla.

"Sales on the ASUS G notebook series with 3D Vision G technology were definitely raised" said Ben Thacker, vice president-Distribution Systems Business Group, ASUS North America. Now, thanks to the availability of high quality 3D videos on YouTube, they expect that the interest in 3D Vision ASUS models to increase significantly, a lot better than before. (and is quite understandable, taking in mind that it's cheap and offers 3D technology".

In addition, due to the launch a significant number of consumer of 3D cameras last year, the support provided by YouTube for NVIDIA 3D Vision, expands their interest for the 3D technology, allowing a greater number of consumers to enjoy 3D videos online, in their home while watching on YouTube. With models available at affordable prices from JVC, Sony and other major producers, the users can capture, make and publish high-quality 3D videos on YouTube, 3DVisionLive.com or even on their own site, integrating the YouTube 3D player. In an effort to continue to produce 3D video capabilities of YouTube and broadcast some of the latest professional video generated by YouTube users 3D, NVIDIA will host the most significant YouTube 3D stereoscopic videos on the 3D Vision page, available at 3DVisionLive.com/YT3D.

"3D view on YouTube videos on a NVIDIA 3D Vision System is a truly impressive experience," said Phil Eisler, general manager for NVIDIA's 3D Vision.Β  According to them, users of the 3D Vision System PC can enjoy more than 525 games, YouTube videos and high quality photos at full resolution in 3D, which will be awesome.

To view YouTube videos in 3D stereoscopic mode requires a compatible desktop or notebook with NVIDIA 3D Vision together with the most recent GeForce drivers (version 275 or later) and Firefox (version 4 or later), which provides streaming support for HTML5 video format. It will be necessary for users to select the option to watch in the HTML5 format when they are viewing a YouTube 3D video: http://www.youtube.com/select_3d_mode.

In addition, thanks to NVIDIA 3DTV Play, users can connect their PCs to 3D HDTVs to enjoy 3D videos from YouTube on their "big screens" in their day rooms. As I've said before, NVIDIA 3D Vision provides support for over 525 3D games, 3D Blu-ray Movies, 3D photos and video broadcasting over the Internet.

NVIDIA 3D Vision technology includes the 3D Vision application and active shutter glasses, providing impressive 3D stereoscopic images for gamers, movies and photography, when used with NVIDIA GPUs and a 3D monitor or 3D projector. All you have to do is to purchase a NVIDIA 3D Vision System, to have a compatible display (with large reflesh rate over 120Hz) and have installed the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

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  1. abdul rasid May 29, 2011

    NVIDIA come out with best technologies..I use it since colleges

  2. solaek July 25, 2012

    Great news,my new 3d monitor will work fine with nvidia+youtube πŸ™‚

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