Nexus 7: The New Tablet

The tablet market has become extremely competitive. This is after the launch of many classes of tablets by the different firms. The most renowned of them all is the well famous Apples iPad. The product has received critical acclaim for the unique qualities that the device possesses. The various forms of tablets released by the different firms have now seen the introduction of the top of the line new tablet. This is the Nexus7. The new tablet from Google has turned heads in the world of tablet manufacturers. The market control of which was mainly by Apple is set to turn. That is the preferred different versions of the iPad. The market is now witnessing a new change in the market. This is mainly by the introduction of the N7. The product has heralded a new dawn in the tablet industry.



This is besides the recent tussles between the different tablet and Smartphones companies, which have made the tech world speculate on what would happen next.  The new tablet has broken into the once unbreakable market domination by the iPad. This is mainly because the iPad controls a major share of the number of tablets sold every year. This usual process is set to change after the introduction the N7. The product which uses the operating platform from Google is unique and most of all an economic tablet. The tablet uses the Android platform for all its operations. This is unique because the product makers have used their own operating system in the tablet.

The Nexus 7 is a revolutionary product that has enabled many people to access tablets. This is mainly due the fact that the product is cheap and most of all easy to acquire. The tablet is retailing at prices that go down to as low as two hundred pounds. This is an astronomical drop in price when compared to the iPad. The tablet is also available in almost all parts. Unlike other products, which have been prohibited in many countries, the Nexus 7 is in stalls in many other places. One of these places is London. The product has been referred to as an economical tablet that caters for all the needs of a person. Apart from the unique price tag, the tablet also possesses other features and qualities.

The unique features and qualities of the N7 include the availability of the seven-inch screen. This is feature makes the tablet unique in many operations. The use of the above stated feature is the one factor that tech experts admit offers market edge. The popular iPad does not have this feature however; the firm has opted to introduce it in the newly released iPad. The seven-inch screen is just one of the many features that the new tablet posses. There are however other many features that have attracted many followers of the product. One of these includes the design of the phone. With the inclusion of the seven-inch screen, there are other design modifications made to the N7. This features the use of a more rough rubber like form of grip on the backside of the tablet. This is unlike other tablets which have a soft and slippery back side that prevents people from holding I them properly.



The new design also assists the product from damage by other forms of damage. This is mainly because the product is made in a unique hard grip backside that prevents the device from slipping and breaking. The grip is hardened to increase holding capability. The other feature of the tablet that makes it unique is the weight of the product. The device is lightweight. It measures approximately 380gm. This compared to other classes of tablets is small and easy to carry. The feature of the tablet enables people to carry the device to other places. This also makes one able to watch movies in various places such as the bed and other places at different times. The limiting factor of the tablet is the small pixel camera that is fitted on the backside. The device also lacks the rear-facing camera that would enable one to shoot videos. The other limiting factor is the lack of the SD slot. Many of the tablets in the market have incorporated this feature in the different brands. Unlike the other tablets, the N7 does not have a SIM card slot. This is one of the features not available in the tablet.

The lack of the SD slot and lack of rear camera are some of the reasons why people have dismissed the tablet. This should not be the case as Google has reiterated that the device is specifically made without the inclusion of the stated features.  The other inhibiting factors of the device includes the inclusion of the 8 GB card. This was a blowing factor to many fans. Many people estimated that the tablet would come with a more robust memory slot in the ranges of 32GB slots. The tablet is only Wi-Fi enabled. Since the N7 does not include the use of the SD slot the tablet only includes the use of the Wi-Fi system.   The tablet however has other unique advantages over its competitors in the field of tablets. This is because the device comes with unique pots for charging.

Other advantages of the Nexus 7 includes the unique Seven-inch screen. This is the main advantage, which in turn offers other more advantages to the users of the tablet. The screen enables one to type easily. The screen also produces images in quality this is mainly because the tablet has the brightly colored palette, which is large enough to show images of high quality.

The other advantage of the tablet is the quality of the games on offer.  This is mainly due to the unique screen that makes the games unique. The reader functionality from Google books is also enhancing when compared to other devices that use the Android platform. The tablet also has by far the best type of screens unlike other Android phones. The screen uniqueness is comparable to the Samsung galaxy S3. The tablet has also increased performance. This is mainly because the tablet has increased functionality in terms of speed generation.



The Nexus 7 sports a whooping 12 core GPU, 1GB RAM and 1.3GHz A9 cortex. In addition, the tablet runs the fastest in terms of the tablets in the market. The tremendous increase in the speed of the tablet is on of the u unique features that has received praises from the tech experts. When comparing the performance of games the Nexus 7 allows the loading of games much more efficient and faster than the iPad.  The tablet offers a faster uploading ability that the other tablets. These include the loading of apps. The tablet offers unique picture quality. This inturn leads to the showing of quality pictures. The screen allows the person to watch the movies in HD. This is a unique factor of the tablet.

The tablet also includes the 4.1 Jelly Bean platform of the Android format. The tablet is also inclusive of a unique feature that is the NFC. The tablet includes near field communication into the features of the tablet. There is also the presence of GPS for fast communication. This includes the inclusion of the Google wallet. The tablet is unique in matters of spending due to the Google wallet.

In summary, the tablet offers all the unique quality services and at affordable prices. This is necessary buy for all the people who desire the tablet.

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  33. This Is The Most Prominently Using Next Generation Instrument so That people get Make Most Of The Use of tablets

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