How To : Tweet More Than 140 Characters in Twitter

As We all are aware that Twitter allows only 140 Character per Tweet, Its gonna be a great mess breaking up tweets in to 2 messages or so. So obviously, there rise a chance to look up for tweeting more than 140 Characters and yes, There is a way for it too.

There are many sites, Which stands between us and twitter and allows us to tweet and some of them allows us to tweet more than 140 Characters. I don't know how can they make things so, But I know that it is possible to tweet 140+ Characters using those sites on twitter.

Here Goes the List :

  1. Maxi Tweet
  2. XL Tweet
  3. Tiny Paste
  4. Twitter Contd
  5. Twiffo

So enjoy tweeting more than the limits even up to 200 Words. Happy Tweeting.

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  1. jhadie lyn October 12, 2011

    hey..that was pretty cool.....twitter is really very innovative when it comes to the clients...more power twitter

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