Facebook Social Plugins – Like Button Box (Fanbox Badge), Recommendations, Facepile, Activity Feed

Facebook is a privately owned Social network completely under Facebook. Inc and have facebook.com running under them. From September 2006, Facebook started allowing people who are 13+ of age and who has a valid email to be their members. Facebook.com still runs as one of the top leading social network established world wide and has a tight security to the privacy and the accounts they have. Glad that they no more allow fakes and verify accounts of famous people all over the world.

Recently Facebook was full of queries regarding the FanBox. All Discussion boards were full of Queries with "Fanbox Not Working Properly" ," Why fanbox not working " and similar Queries and discussions. Well, here comes the remedy.Developers Social Plugins Page clears out all the mess over the facebook allowing the members to make  like Button Box(or Simply like the Fanbox badge) and Facepile, activity feed and much more. Thanks to the plugin developers for the good Work :).

6 Responses to “Facebook Social Plugins – Like Button Box (Fanbox Badge), Recommendations, Facepile, Activity Feed”

  1. Stan Collamore August 10, 2010

    Really great, practicly explained and useful tips.

  2. Nadun Vimarshana February 20, 2012

    What must I say.. It is just wow.... Facebook is like my life and these information will be very very usefull for people like me.. Thank you a lot for this.

  3. Icee Jane December 13, 2012

    facebook is another way to communicate other people to other countries or places.

  4. facebook is also for finding old friends, childhood friends and classmates.

  5. Amit Ganguly June 8, 2014

    I am a member of Facebook since 2010. I find it very intersting & useful to connect with everyone. And also useful in conducting business.
    Thanks for your great info... Keep it up!!

  6. astuduptus November 24, 2015

    It is nice to have such a plug-in it would be really helpfull for me. Nice job!

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