Facebook To Be Banned Life Long in Pakistan

Facebook, which is one of the leading social network is to be banned life long in Pakistan. 70% of the people in Pakistan want the social network to be banned whole among the country Life Long, whereas only 15% of the people supports the prevailing Ban for Facebook which is till31st of this month.

People disregarded Facebook and opened a shout for banning Facebook in a survey which was held by propakistan.com. And the reason for the shout for the banning of Facebook was  some ridiculous scribbling in Facebook against some Muslim Prophets.Pakistan has forwarded the information to Remove Facebook from the Telecommunication services.

Facebook, has not  removed the  suspicious datas yet, which is making the people further provacated. And Pakistan has taken into notice that, Once Facebook has responded positively to Israel Cyber Force and Removed those datas which Israel Requested which was regarding some people or matter regarding the Israel.

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