3 Best And Needed Greasemonkey Scripts For Orkut Users

GreaseMonkey is a Cool and highly functional firefox addon which enhance the browsing experience for the user into a completely special level. Read More about Greasemonkey Here. It has  a lot of  functional script which enhances the Orkut experience for a regular Orkut User who does community chats, do a lot of scrapping including smileys and emoticons and all the Orkut functions. So here goes the best 6 GreaseMonkey script for Orkut Users to enrich the Orkut experience.

1. Orkut Manager (OM) - Orkut Manager is one of the best ever Greasemonkey script for the Orkuters ever. They Allow a lot of features like, Quick Reply, Community Reply Quote, Easy Emoticons, Easy Text Formatings, Signatures And Much More. You Would Sure love the experience using Orkut Manager With the FireFox.

Download Orkut Manager

Note : Firefox has Orkut Manager Addon Available which is less buggy and easily Adaptable than the Orkut Manager Using GreaseMonkey.

2. Skip Captcha - Typing captcha is one of the troubles in Orkut which all people hate. This script skip the captcha making Orkuting easier. This script delink the url we enter before posting the message and thus makes it able to skip the captcha and link remains live in Orkut after it is being posted. Thus Link Remains Live and NO Captcha Required

Download Skip Captcha

3. Orkut Scrap All : Scrapping All Your friends together is no more easy than this. Install this greasemonkey script and do it easy.

Download Orkut Scrap All

Do make us know if you know if you have more. Make us know about your experience susing Greasemonkey too.

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  1. Hey admin, very informative blog post! Please continue this awesome work.

    • Thanks For The Comment and Appraisal BMW. I will sure Try to Continue my Work and Keeping Up The Standard.

  2. chakry July 19, 2010

    Sir, I appreciate your good work in helping us.. Bt, still i had a trouble to access.. I had installed some smileys and also these 3 very helpful addons. bt, the problem is I dont know how to activate them or to use them actually. Will you please help me out?

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