SERP Rank Depends On? | What Determines SERP Ranks |SERP Rank Factors – Top 3 Factors

Each and every Webmaster like to get their site up in SERP, i.e Search Engine Results Page. SERP Rankings Depends on a Lot of factors which each and every search engine checks each and every Factors to rank sites on a results page. Lately there are some factors which were added to the list of what determines the SERP rankings.

1. Page Rank : Page Rank has a major role to play in grabbing a Rank in a SERP Page. Search engines give maximum weight to Ranked pages over a Non Ranked Page. Thus, Page Rank Evidently plays its role on getting or increasing the SERP Rank. But that doesn't mean Always PR2 Blog comes over PR1. There can be Randomly placed depending on other Factors.

2.Keyword Relevancy & Title : when Some Random Keywords is searched for, in a Search Engine, Search engines runs a check over the database of picking up posts which has Relevant or Similar titles and keywords rather than checking up the description. So Its Better to Get a Keyword Competitive Title and To Optimize the Keywords perfectly to all posts made.

3.Page Speed: Google had lately announced the addition of Page Speed to a factor which determines the SERP Rank. Heavy Site surely gets punished and pushed back. Well, that's a good step taken by Google to enhance the user's Browsing experience.

Well, there are much More to be essentially added to the list. But these 3 seems to be controlling ones mainly.

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