Punishing It – Internet Explorer Or The Great Microsoft Internet Explorer – Drawbacks

Am introducing a variety category named " Punish It " in which the major softwares with drawbacks can be kept into for Firing. Am Glad to have Internet Explorer Up in the First post. How about the Performance of Internet Explorer, How much speedy is it? How much system resource they use?

Hear Goes,

PUNISH IT- Microsoft Internet Explorer

* Functionality As A Browser

  1. Internet explorer don't know to read CSS. They make mistakes even when they try to read Padding function. And they demand for Separate CSS. Why?
  2. Slow To Load Web pages and don't know to cache the last pages which would clearly make a Save in peoples bandwidth which would be very helpful for people who uses limited bandwidth Net plans.
  3. Still in the Alpha State incase of  Downloading. No way to resume once IE is restarted.
  4. Unexpected END - It shows Done in the status bar even when the page isnt loaded and the loading stops there. We are using it to Browse, Not to Waste some time.
  5. They Love Unwanted And Creepy Toolbars.

* Functionality As a Software

  1. Uses a well high rate of System Resources.
  2. Gets Not Responding Often and shows no option before loading some huge JS whereas Firefox and other browsers ask us whether to load or not.
  3. High Start Up time. And Many Clients (Software Clients) use IE for Opening Web pages without Confirmations.Eg Yahoo Messenger

This simply doesn't mean that IE is not worth at all, Its still Worthy to browse, and still has a lot of features and new versions are turning itself to a Pro Browser. It is just That this post is grouped Under the Punish It Category, So we just punish it and don't Praise it. Anyway, IE must be treated for sure. There should be some perfect versions of IE which does the things like other Browsers. Why not try some Acupuncture - The Traditional Japanese treatment?

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