Greasemonkey – A Top Mozilla Firefox Addon Which Makes Browsing Enhanced

While shopping At Ebay US or any other site, you would've wished the prices were displayed in rupees instead of US dollars or there were no adds or sponsored results on the Google search page. May be even Google image results open directly as the full size image. This extension is the genie's reply to all the things above and much more. Greasemonkey allows you to customize a web page on the fly based on small bits of java scripts that can be downloaded according to what you want from

With the aid of this extension you can make your choose websites fit exactly into your desired mold. With a strong and large user base of this addon, you can be assured of customization ,in the form of a user script.

Download Greasemonkey Here

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  1. jkct01 June 25, 2011

    Greasemonkey is about the best Mozilla Firefox Addon a user can have...

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