Has pagerank really disappeared? Would we need a coupon to activate it?

Pagerank has been one of the key factors on determining the success of a website’s search engine optimization (SEO). The idea of it disappearing is unfathomable at best but somehow, Pagerank for all websites seem to have disappeared for a while. According to Google, the URL for Pagerank was changed to a new one so all the toolbars stopped working unless they were updated. I was so surprised today when I noticed that in one of my blogs, the coupon blog where I feature  trx training coupons and flex belt discounts, had zero page rank and I've decided to make a little research about it.

The disappearance of the Pagerank was definitely a shock to a lot of webmasters because Pagerank has been a standard as to how successful a website has been. Links are often distributed to websites that have high Pagerank so that it will give out quality link juice to the linked website. However, with all that has been said and done, does Pagerank really play that much of an important role?

A lot of people may not agree with me because practically they have been using the Pagerank as a basis on buying and selling off their website but this isn’t really a good way of measurement, theoretically speaking. In 2009, Google even took out the Pagerank viewer in their Google Webmaster Tools because they find that it simply isn’t worth thinking about it because it does not give much weightage as to how successful the website is.

In that case, you must be thinking: what matters? Here is a short breakdown on what is important:

  • Conversion rate: This may play the highest weightage as compared with any other metrics. A simple definition is whether your visitors have any interaction on your website. This may be as simple as downloading a document or as complex as making a successful purchase.
  • Bounce rate: This refers to the interest of your visitors to your site. A website with a high bounce rate should be checked because this means that there are factors to your website that simply do not provide interest to your visitors.

Susan Moskwa from Google also pointed out that buying links from websites with high Pagerank violates their terms and conditions and websites that do so may be penalized as well. So be smart, try to focus on some other factors instead.

This is a guest post made by Costea, a blogger writing for a coupon website that has discounts offers for trx training and coupons for flex belt. He is currently contributing to a coupon site that offers trx training coupon code and flex belt promo code.

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