Google.Com has 35 HTML Errors And Warnings!! Isnt That Funny?

Google Logo - HTML Validation

Recently, While Validating HTML of my site in , I simply tried Validating Results were strange. I thought they ran perfectly well, since they had a landing page with at most No contents a single centralized search bars and links at Top Corners.But the result came up like this. 35 Errors and 2 Warnings!!

See it Yourself Here :

Well, i hope they would get their attention onto this and will make it a HTML Valid Site soon.

P.S : TechFreakz is HTML Valid. Check It Yourself at W3 validator Website. πŸ™‚

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  1. Hahaha that's fairly epic, and Google's always going on about how your website should be XHTML valid. I guess it doesn't matter do them since they are the search engine, they don't need to optimise for themselves =]

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