Google Chrome 5 Stable – For Windows, Linux And Mac With New Features

Google has atlast launched the stable version of their browser Google Chrome which is now available as Full and Free for Linux, Mac and Windows with New Features and a Speedy Browsing Capability.Google Chrome was well known for its speedy browsing ability from its Beta Releases.Google had made a miserably tough job to turn the Windows application running on Linux and Mac which seemed to be a really tough job, but the results seemed to be sure Awesome. Screen Shots and Further Features Listed after the break. Go On Reading.

The Mac Version

The Mac Version Of Google Chrome comes with a further furnished User Interface with features like Bookmark Sync, Themes and extensions. And Google Chrome keeps its high Speed as it is on MAC too.

The Linux Version

Google Chrome has sent out an awesome browser for the Linux users, who would like to enjoy a speedy browsing. It would Sure compete with the  browser Chromium, Which is an open Source Browser, established among the Linux Users. It comes with Google Chrome Classic theme for the people who dont like to deal with the GTK+ Theme.

Google Chrome, generally, and in the Windows version too, comes with a bit more added features like, extensions in Incognito Mode, Native Geo Location, New And Cool Bookmark Manager and Rearranging ToolBar Buttons. It comes with an Option which saves the Zoom settings individually for each web pages. But what the version lacks in its inbuilt Flash Plugin, which will obviously be added in the next Release of Google Chrome.

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