Amazing Android 3.1 for Google TV

Amazing Android 3.1 for Google TV
The technology market is in constant warfare with the competition spreading wide. And the Android is flourishing in the market places with more than 1,050,000 applications satisfying the souls of the tech savvy crowd. And most of these apps are actually as free apps for more than the Apple Appstor.

The fans of the Google are entreated with many good news from the Google IO but the most interesting fact among them is related to ever amazing Google TV. The Google IO is the two day developer focused conference which was held in the Moscone center situated in San Francisco, California by the Google. It consisted of in depth sessions which are focused on building of mobile, enterprise and web apps with the Google with the technologies such as the Android and chrome etc. The alphabets ‘I’ and ‘O’ in ‘Google IO’ stands for - ‘Innovations in the open’.
On the first open day of the Google IO the committee announced the good news that Android 3.1 would be upgraded on the Google TV. In addition to this benefit the Android apps will support accessibility to the splendor of Android Market. Android 3.1 has already been used in many devices, like the T-Mobile 7" tablet or the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Google TV is the Smart TV platform developed by the Google which is co developed internet TV with the Sony, Logitech and Intel. The Google TV developer Mike Cleron announced proudly that the Android 3.1 would help in creating new form of apps from the same source SDK which could be used by both the Google TV and tablets. Tech developers can create more apps that will be accessible to both the devices. And at the same time Vizio, sony, Samsung and Logitech are all helping in the development procedure of the Android apps, therefore all these features contribute for the uplift and enormous sucess of the Google TV!

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  1. urbanned May 17, 2011

    woow, epic!

  2. This are some good news.

  3. domnelu July 11, 2013

    It welcomed the interest of Google for upgrading in all fields.

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