Xiaomi Mi4 vs OnePLus One – Choose The Right One For You

Xiaomi Mi4 vs OnePLus One

The smartphone market is full of devices for every pocket. Just because your budget is a little tight right now and you can’t afford that new shiny flagship device that just came out doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great handset. In this comparison, we are helping you choose between the OnePlus One and the Xiaomi Mi4. Both devices come from promising companies and represent more than healthy alternatives to your usual Samsungs and HTCs. That being said, let’s see where each device stands.

OnePlus One

OnePlus was established in December 2013 and has offices in Hong Kong and the Chinese city of Shenzhen. A Chinese company that was founded by Pete Lau, former vice president of the Oppo Electronics, one of the most popular electronics manufacturers in China. Initially, officials argued that the manufacturer is an independent company, but following press revelations have recognized that, in reality, OnePlus is a subsidiary from Oppo.

The screen is built in IPS LCD technology, has a diagonal of 5.5" and Full HD resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels, corresponding to a density of 401 pixels per inch. In light of its dimensions close to those of a phablet, the phone turns to a more limited range of users, who are accustomed to such screens.

According to GSM Arena, the One  measures 152.9 x 75.9 x 8.9 mm and weighs 162 grams. The device has a pretty large 5.5 inch screen that uses a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution alongside the IPS LCD technology to provide you with a high quality image. The pixel density is 401 ppi.

The device operates on the CyanogenMod v11S OS, which has its roots in the 4.4 version of KitKat. Moving on to internal hardware, we have a 2.5 GHz processing unit. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad core chip is paired with the Adreno 330 graphic processor and 3 GB of RAM. The storage capacity is of 16 or 64 GB.

The rear camera on this device packs 13 MP and has the Sony Exymor sensor, while the front facing lens is equipped with 5 MP of its own. The front facing camera is wide-angled (80 degrees), while the back features a dual LED. All these are powered up by the 3100 mAh battery unit which should make the device last an entire day. On Amazon.com, the handset is around $425.

Xiaomi Mi4

Moving on to the 139.2 x 6.5 x 8.9 mm Xiaomi Mi4 which weighs 149 grams, we are talking about a 5 inch screen. The full HD 1920 x 1080 display features full lamination and a 441 ppi pixel density, says GSM Arena. The Mi4 supports Android KitKat with a touch of the MIUI UI. The inside of the handset features the 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801. The Qualcomm quad core chip is paired with the Adreno 330 as well, and 3 GB of RAM. The same internal storage options are available, namely 16 and 64 GB.

When it comes to the rear camera, the Xiaomi Mi 4 is right there next to the OnePlus One, with a 4K –capable 13 MP shooter. The front however surpasses its rival’s, with 8 MP onboard. Even the battery features a greater capacity, with 3800 mAh for you to drain away. The device is around $370 on their website.

Which one of these devices would you choose? Do you think that OnePlus One is better than Xiaomi Mi4 just because of the higher price? Think twice in this regard, you might get overrun by Xiaomi Mi4 fans, as the phone will be one of the most wanted companies in 2015. Let us know your opinions in the comment section below.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

28 Responses to “Xiaomi Mi4 vs OnePLus One – Choose The Right One For You”

  1. one plus one is gud with its features

  2. That was a very interesting article!

  3. Hi! Well, a lot of smartphones comes around and maybe from these 2 I will choose the second; anyway at this price $370 there are several well-known already products, smartphone category, from well-known companies. Maybe the market for xiaomi is specific...

    Good article, by the way! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Definitely would go with Xiaomi. The two have almost similar specs but the price of OneOlus One is too high.

  5. Nazmus Sakib March 2, 2015

    I like One Plus One better because of its affordable price and so many features.

  6. nilotpal March 2, 2015

    nothing to say, this is a good smartphone with great features at such a low price.

  7. very good terminal and low cost for medium category

  8. Its Great.I Have The Same Smartphone

  9. awesome features

  10. legal, gostei do post ^^

  11. simone March 5, 2015

    xiaomi è il numero uno, un gran bel cellulare davvero, appena avrò la possibilità lo comprerò !

  12. kaushal March 6, 2015

    both the phones have made massive difference in mobile world..and both the phones have no competition in this prise range..!!

  13. hi im always prefer xiomi mi4 because already im using xiaomi redme note 3G, its working good performance and nice photo clarity, so prefer to use xiaomi only...

  14. good smart cell phone

  15. I think 2 product as well as but i think Xiaomi Mi4 has display not as well as Oneplusone

  16. mkdarko March 8, 2015

    i'm fully satisfied with this smartphones 🙂

  17. Giovanni March 8, 2015

    I prefer the black one

  18. L ooking at the features of the 2 Mi4 is a better performer the One plus
    but it lacks in availability and shape
    so if u wait for long them go can't for One plus

  19. harman May 5, 2015

    Definitely would go with Xiaomi. The two have almost similar specs but the price of OneOlus One is too high

  20. these r gud phones nd affordable

  21. Indra May 12, 2015

    mi4 is the good one

  22. gud.......& it consists of many features

  23. I would definitely go with Xiaomi Mi4, Good features compared to One plus one.

  24. Xiaomi Mi4 is better in looks but oneplus one is giving better features and cyanogenmod is more customisable than miui.

  25. Good chinesse phone, all xiaomi models

  26. Bardzo dobry produkt

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