Xiaomi Mi4 vs iPhone 6 – The Battle Between Giants

Apple can’t be defeated easily. Samsung tried and failed and now Xiaomi is challenging the “God of smartphones”. The popularity of Xiaomi increased along with the Mi3 phone, which was well-received on the Indian market. To understand better the impact of the Xiaomi Mi3, imagine 100,000 people fighting to get their hands on one of the 20,000 units, the stock “evaporating” in a few seconds. Now, it’s Mi4’s turn to break the barriers, and there are no obstacles in its way to the top. The 320 dollars price tag, the high end features, these are the characteristics of the new model from Xiaomi, which makes it the next possible threat to Apple’s iPhone 6.

Everybody is eyes and ears on iPhone 6’s release and the analysts from Morgan Stanley are very confident about the success of this phone. The positive recommendations about this new product line helped Apple to breach the 100 dollars/share mark in August, but the things are not set in stone, as many competitors are trying to steal Apple’s crown. And Xiaomi is considered to be a big threat.

Xiaomi Mi4 vs iPhone 6

Growing up fast

Xiaomi is the new leader in China starting from the second quarter of 2014, surpassing Samsung’s smartphone shipments. According to Canalys, Xiaomi took over 14% of the Chinese market, while Samsung, Yulong and Lenovo took only 12%. In 2013, Xiaomi’s market share was 5% in China, then in the Q1 of 2014 it increased up to 7% and the forecasts are favorable for the Chinese company.

Gorgeous features, low price

The Mi4 costs only 320/325 dollars, but it comes with incredible features: a 5inches Full HD display, a powerful Snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB of RAM. It’s fast as Samsung’s Galaxy S5 smartphone and can compete with Apple’s iPhone 6 as well. The pricing can differ from carrier to carrier, but the Mi4 is still one of the cheapest high-end handsets.

The Mi3 model vanished from the Indian markets, more than 20,000 units being sold within a few seconds on August 19, and the fans have one more sale opportunity on August 26.

Xiaomi MI4 has a 5-inch Full HD screen, 3 GB RAM, Snapdragon 801 processor, quad-core 2.5 Ghz and a 3080 milliamp battery. The camera has 13 megapixels and the front camera comes with no less than 8 megapixels.

Xiaomi is approaching 40 million units sold this year.

iPhone 6 will be introduced by Apple on September 9 and will have two variants - 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. The device might also have a screen based on sapphire and a new processor. All this sends us to one question - how expensive is the phone?

According to analyst Peter Misek of Jeffries, the next iPhone will come with a price greater than ever before, according to a report sent to "Huffington Post". Misek said that his sources indicate that Apple has started to negotiate with operators to increase the subscription price of the device with $100.

What else is there to the rumor? According to MacRumours, 4.7 inch phone will arrive first on the market in September and the 5.5 inch will be in stores by the end of autumn. Screen size and features of the new iPhone could increase the price. And there is the possibility that the iPhone to have similar rates to operators, but to be more expensive when purchased without a subscription.

So the iPhone 6 could cost $800 without a subscription, but will go up to 1000-1100 dollars without a subscription to the best performing variant. It's not hard to imagine that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will cost from 900 to 1000 euros.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. Amazing products

  2. I think iPhone rules!

  3. I have all my faith in Apple .

  4. iphone 6 have a brand name with apple and have a legacy from past few years perorming high quality

  5. very interesting comparison..
    so nice..

  6. apple will still be the best ,though samsung might have some probems

  7. HuynhToan September 3, 2014

    I like this phone

  8. iphone 6 amaizing but Xiaomi Mi4can be challange in the market like galaxyyyyyyyyyyyy

  9. I am using a Chinese phone for 9 month without any problem.
    I think chinese phone is powerfull competitors in famous mobile phone like Iphone5 or six , with low price and high quality, Like XiaoMi phone.

  10. i will be first who buy this phone

  11. It is a really nice phone and i Like to have one like this phone.

  12. sandeep bhakat September 5, 2014

    a must buy smart phone

  13. good one

  14. mohd umar qureshi September 6, 2014

    good review


  16. Rojer Job September 7, 2014

    El iPhone es una tendencia en innovación, esta versión 6 es una buena oportunidad de tecnología yentretenimiento.

  17. Nick Bhatt September 8, 2014

    Xiaomi looks like is going to be the new trend in here. 🙂

  18. Xiaomi Mi4 is an high end, flag ship smartphone which will give a tough competition even to the most anticipated smartphone ( Iphone 6 ). Im anticipating it`s release.

  19. goog very nice

  20. Xiaomi Mi4 is very good

  21. Apple is the Best. New Iphone 6+ will kill all competition.

  22. both phones are smart and aswme i will take both if i hd to chose frm thm bt will chose i phone 6

  23. i love iphone <3

  24. Gotta love it!

  25. kennykul007 September 19, 2014

    Apple is No.1 smart phone, no one can compete

  26. abhinay shrivastav September 22, 2014

    i-phone is best.

  27. Yeah they are very high in terms of specs... but there is one gadgets brand that is superb in specs yet the price is so cheap! Check out Asus Zenphone 6! 🙂

  28. Katrina October 1, 2014

    Xiomi is good , almost the specs of Iphone 6 yet having a cheaper price 🙂

  29. I never like iphone, XIAOMI is better then one such as SAMSUNG.

  30. iphone is best but,,,,,,,,xaiomi give feature more than apple in low price...

  31. Chinese iPhone has a bright future

  32. Looks of Xiomi is great. I guess its gonna be huge pretty soon and will in no time conquer the market.

  33. fanwenhe123 October 5, 2014

    Apple is the Best. New Iphone 6 i like no.1

  34. Aditya Bhowmik October 8, 2014

    Iphone is the king of course!!!!! But we should support Xiaomi also !

  35. Apple's still the brand which people can trust on, and Apple will remain the best as far as my experience says, anyways nice try Xiaomi Mi4 😉

  36. i like iphone 6...

  37. For me the Samsung is lider for now!!!

  38. Mi4 is definitely worth the $325 price if that's the case. Features are all good

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