What to Expect at WWDC 2016 – iOS 10 and OS X 10.12

WWDC 2016

The Worldwide Developers Conference starts on the 13th of June and Apple is expected to present its latest operating systems and new features for iCloud and Apple Pay.

Here are some rumors about what we’ll actually be seeing at the WWDC this year.

Release of iOS 10

Firstly, we’re almost certain Apple will release the iOS 10 and that it will sport some interesting features, like a dark mode. It would be about time since the OS hasn’t seen very many changes since iOS 7.

It’s also rumored that Siri will undergo some changes and will be able to interact in new ways with third party apps. By that, we mean that devs will be able to implement Siri in their apps. Apart from that, it’s believed that Apple may even introduce an iCloud Voicemail feature that will enable Siri to record or answer to missed calls. Not only that, but Apple has recently purchased VocalIQ which, if implemented into Siri, it will enable it to record semantic context from conversations and user preferences.

Another tweak that we may see in iOS is a redesigned Apple Music that will put more focus on album art, song lyrics, sharing features and discovering new musical content.

We should also expect some photo improvements in iOS 10 and metadata keys for the App Store as well.

Release of OS X 10.12

The 2016 version of the OS X is expected to bring Siri to Mac devices in the form of an icon in the OS X menu bar. Presumably, Siri on Mac will be just as efficient as Siri on iOS – it will conduct searches, answer simple questions etc.

Another interesting OS X feature that we might see will be the possibility to have an iPhone unlock a Mac if it’s in close proximity. This may also mean that it would be very useful in confirming Apple Pay payment.

Other rumors relate to Photo and Apple Music improvements and it’s also speculated that OS X could be renamed MacOS to better match with the other OSs.

Release of watchOS 3 and tvOS 2

We know for a fact that new versions of the watchOS and tvOS will be released at the WWDC but nothing is know about the specifics of those OS so far. But if we have to guess, they will probably feature Siri improvements and design changes.

Apple Pay, iCloud and iMessage

It’s believed that Apple will bring the Apple Pay service to web browsers which will allow people to purchase things through Safari and these transactions will then be approved on the iPhone through Touch ID. Another possibility feature may be the ability to send money to friends via iMessages.

In the case of the iCloud it’s very possible that Apple will introduce encrypted backup and overall stronger security measures.

Lastly, Apple will presumably present iMessage for Android at the WWDC.

Hardware releases

There are several rumors going around stating that the WWDC is the perfect opportunity for Apple to release a new Macbook Pro and a new Thunderbolt Display, but it’s very unlikely for those devices to be ready so soon. Other rumors say that this even will mark the release of a new MacBook Air but again, it’s just as unlikely as Apple has already increased the RAM in the latest Air model.

Other events

Apple’s keynote event will be streamed live on Apple TV. It’s very possible that all of those new OS will be presented and made available to testers and we might see them in their final builds sometime in the fall.

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