Turning Ipad into Phone Is Just So Easy

Have an Apple Ipad?? Dont you like to make a Phone call from that?? Is that possible? Yes It is. The New app For Apple Ipad From Skype Makes that possible for all Ipad users. To Convert Ipad To a Phone, We just need to grab a Moshi Moshi 01H Handset and Skype App. The App Turns Ipad To Skype interface and the handset should be pinned in to the port at top.

Thats It.. πŸ™‚ Its Done. Enjoy Calling from Ipad πŸ™‚ Thank You Skype For The Awsome Ipad App..!

2 Responses to “Turning Ipad into Phone Is Just So Easy”

  1. pollob June 2, 2011

    this is an amazing product. i love apple product.

  2. wow thats so cool!

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