Top Tips for a Better Performing Smartphone

These days, smartphones come packed with tons of options and features that give the user endless possibilities as to what they can achieve with the gadget. However, there’s not much point in having all those cool features if the device performs subpar and the functioning of the device is lacking. This is actually a major problem for many smartphone users out there that can’t understand how their very expensive smartphone runs slower and more sluggish than the one they had 5 years ago.

Well, when it comes to smartphones, they are like any other piece of technological innovation: they need a little bit of maintenance now and then to make sure that they’re well oiled and that nothing is stopping them from running at full capacity. In this article we’re going to look at some of the most frequent causes for sluggish functionality and why your smartphone might be performing a lot worse than it should.

Clear cache and factory reset

Files come and go on a mobile device but there are some data packs that just remain in your phone after the application they belong to are long gone. By clearing your phone’s cache you are allowing it to allocate its memory resources in other places. The more apps you have the harder it can get to handle all the additional information that just acts as a weight pulling down performance.

Make sure to clear your phone’s cache regularly. After a time, the best solution would be to do a factory reset. This would require you to back up all your important information so it doesn’t get lost, but the aftermath is a device that literally performs like it did when it was fresh out of the box. You should do a factory reset ever couple of months.

Get protection

Just like computers, smartphones can contact viruses and malicious software. This will harm it and hinder its capabilities in terms of processing and overall functioning. So if your phone is really hard to use right now, it might be that it’s infected. Also just like on a computer, you can get protection to ensure that threats are dealt with. There are loads of free android antivirus apps which you can use to detect and eliminate threats as well as keep new ones at bay.

Clear some space

The less free space a phone has, the more “choked up” it’s going to feel. If you have a small amount of storage space on your device, consider getting an SD card. As for the current state of your phone, try uninstalling all apps that you never use and deleting files you don’t need.

We often stack our phones with tons of music and videos that we never listen to or watch. Delete everything you don’t need and only keep the essentials aboard. This can boost the phone’s performance tremendously.

6 Responses to “Top Tips for a Better Performing Smartphone”

  1. jimuel July 28, 2017

    I used some cleaner app to clean some junk files left from other application.

  2. Fawkes4494d3 August 19, 2017

    I upload everything to my google drive and keep my phone memory free of pictures and videos, since I take a lot of them.

  3. Clean your RAM regularly to avoid hanging of your phone.

  4. the same

  5. These are things that are known by everyone.

  6. gautam siddharth September 15, 2017

    samsung is nice but it is always nice to use a good antivirus.

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