Samsung Screen Is Better Than Apple -Samsung AMOLED Technology

Apple made their users wonder by implanting Retina Screens on to their Iphone 4. Apple made it after a long sort of research over the materials to make it Harder and Durable than the Simple Plastic. Atlast they came up finding Frankenstein chemicals to be mixed with the screen contents which made it 30 times durable and harder than the plastic. But Samsung doesnt blindly believe upto this.According to what Samsung says, Apple IPS screen is sharper than Samsung's But consumes 3-5% more energy than Samsungs Amoled technology.

As they explain, it is due to that Amoled doesnt need any back light to make the screen legible. And, Samsung declares that, their screen has no problems or has No Flaws in viewing from any angles and any sports contrast Ratios. Not sure of how Good Samsung will be with this phone, But its sure that Samsung had possibly been a threat on to One of the Technologies of Apple.

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