Samsung Galaxy S8 Review – You Know it’s Good, but Can you Game on it?


Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally out now, and it’s been that way for a little while now. Finally, people that have spent a full year awaiting Samsung’s latest innovation in terms of mobile tech are happily in the possession of the Galaxy S8, a device that did not disappoint and brought the big guns to the show. Whatever competitors such as Apple are planning to show by the end of the year, it’d better be amazing or else they will have a hard time standing up to Samsung’s newest flagship.

So we know that the Galaxy S8 is a great device and that anyone would love to have one for the usual things people do with their phones such as watch videos, browse the webs, use apps to make their day easier, call people, take photos, and so on. But where does gaming fit into all this? With such a high profile in today’s mainstream market, does gaming have a place with the Samsung Galaxy S8? We will attempt to find that out as we go deeper into the subject. But first let’s take a look at what the device holds under the hood. This should give us our first bit of insight on whether or not the phone is great for playing games.

The specifications for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Both devices come with the same internal specifications and the distinction between them is one of physical size. Looking at the version shipped for the United States, we see a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor alongside the 540 chip from Adreno. In terms of memory, the phone uses 4 GB of RAM. The version of the device shipped outside of the United States comes with a different configuration. It preserves the 4 GB RAM capacity but comes with a different processor and a different graphics chip as well. The former is the Exynos 8895 octa core processing unit while the graphics are handled by the Mali-G71 MP20.

These specifications should give the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8+ enough power to easily consume any kind of gaming content for mobile devices available at the moment on the market. But is it really so?

Resolutions and frame rate

As mobile gaming gets closer and closer to the PC experience, so too do the different factors that need to be taking into consideration. What that means is that gaming on the Galaxy S8 will be heavily influenced by what resolution you are using, just as it would be on a PC. The device comes with the option of lowering  its native resolution by quite a bit, going from the native 1080p all the way down to 720p with a variety of options in between.

Of course, keeping the higher resolution will mean a sharper, better image but it will also mean your frame rate might go down now and again, depending on what game you’re playing. If it’s visually challenging for the phone, which surprisingly it can be, your frame rate won’t be as high although play tests have shown that most games are able to keep a steady and high enough FPS even when the device uses its maximum resolution. There are also games such as the mobile port of GTA: San Andreas which will require you to turn down the resolution if you want the best FPS experience since it’s quite demanding of the phone.

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Game Mode and Game Launcher

Despite how good or not good the phone might be for gaming, it’s clear that Samsung though of this aspect when they created it because it comes with its own Game Launcher, which acts like a central hub for all your installed games. You can launch any game on your phone from the Launcher.

Game Mode is a feature that gives you additional options regarding games so that the device can properly run the ones that aren’t easily adapted to the size of the S8. You can use Game Mode to force the game into fullscreen when it won’t do so natively on the S8, and you can use it for other game related things like taking screenshots and what now. Overall, it’s a cool feature to have but for games that are supported by the phone just fine it’s best to turn it off so that it doesn’t make the device give up some of its power in exchange.

The experience

We’ve talked about how the technical parts of the device work for gaming but we haven’t touched on the gaming experience itself. The device is a performance driven, high end device and it acts the part. While other phones overheat dramatically while playing games, the S8 merely warms up a bit which is understandable. Also, the screen is very large which makes gaming more enjoyable. Since games need to layout the controls directly on the screen real estate, having such a large screen gives you plenty of room for both hands’ fingers. Controlling games thus doesn’t feel forced or uncomfortable. The display is not only large but also gorgeous, making colors pop out. The vibrant recreation on-screen is definitely a joy and the phone takes advantage of mobile game developers’ ambitions of making games colorful and bright.

All in all it would be fair to say that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a great device for gaming as well. Of course, it has its limits and setbacks but it can be agreed upon that these flaws are not its own but merely those of the current level of technology. Mobile gaming has come a far way but it has not yet reached the level of a PC or console. So unless you’re looking for a console experience, you will probably be pleased with what the S8 has to offer in terms of gaming.

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  1. After reading the reviews of S8 & specifications, I am not so excited as in case of S7 per my opinion, high end users are not game not very exciting model.let's Hope for Best for real user's craze.

  2. Very smart phone ??

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