Samsung Galaxy S7 Most Useful Tips and Tricks – Enhance Your Experience

Samsung Galaxy S7 Tips

Samsung Galaxy S7 comes in two versions: a classic one with a screen of 5.1 inches, and Edge with 5.5-inch screen. Both have 4GB of RAM, 2K screen resolution, 32 or 64GB of storage and microSD card support up to 200GB, but you cannot install applications on it. Cameras have 12 megapixel with the ability to shoot at 4K resolution and with a very fast autofocus system. Let’s take a look at some of its known or unknown tips and tricks.

The highly coveted split-screen mode

For those who were waiting for the Android N to introduce the split-screen mode we have good news: Now you can have access to it only by accessing a square button. Look for applications that have a triangle double and ready! Of course, you won’t find this function in all applications. You can recognize those that have it because there will be displayed first.

More icons at your disposition

If you think that the screen is not large enough and you have several icons that you would like to see on the main screen, the next function will be very helpful: you can establish a smaller number of the icons, so you can have all the icons you want right at your fingertips. If you press on a free space on the screen you will see the available settings, including Screen Grid. You have the possibility to choose between the standard size of 4x4 or new Options: 4x5 or 5x5.

Instant access to the Camera

We all know how annoying is when you want to take a photo immediately and you are wasting your time looking for the camera icon in the menu. Samsung Galaxy S7 saves you the trouble. Now you can access the camera by pressing twice the Home button and you can take a picture by pressing the volume buttons, and another interesting feature: if you install Apple-style Motion Photos, the camera will automatically take a photo of the moment before and after.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Tips 2

Special settings of the Camera

For those who want to change from the standard shooting mode of Samsung and love the ISO way, now you have the possibility to play with similar settings like the manual mode of a DSLR camera. It is called the Camera app's Pro Mode and you must enter Tap on Mode > Pro to access it. Only the imagination and creativity limits you here.

Play without interruption

Lovers of gaming know how frustrating is to be interrupted by the receipt of an email or because you pressed by mistake a button, exactly when you were about to win at FIFA. Now with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and The Game Launcher Widgets you no longer have this problem. You can use it so you are no longer interrupted during gaming sessions. If you want to praise in front of your friends with how well are you playing a game, you can now record while playing - what is happening in the game and even yourself, using the front camera.

The application Always On - off

For those who are not fans of the Always On Display, now you can disable it from Settings > Display > Always On Display. You should be aware that if you hope to see an improvement in the use rate of the battery, you won’t have big surprises. Always On Display consumes only 1% of the battery so that the economy is not a reason to stop it.

AMOLED screen - too bright?

If you love the vibrant color of the AMOLED screen, but you want a pause, now Samsung Galaxy S7 provides you the ability to select the basic color profile if you go into Settings > Display > Screen Mode, so the screen will be easy to your eyes.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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