Samsung Galaxy S7 – A Smartphone Near Perfection

Samsung Galaxy S7 2

Samsung Galaxy S7 passed on to our review. we've discovered since the launch event in Barcelona, a device not too easy to find errors with it, a device very close to perfection.

Samsung Galaxy S7 - Technical Specifications

We will start directly with specifications, because at the design things have not changed very much. Samsung Galaxy S7 has a display of 5.1 inch QHD resolution, probably the same S-AMOLED panel that we saw on last year's model. S7 Edge comes with a slightly larger display of 5.5 inches with same resolution. Processor with 4GB RAM running in parallel, and users can opt for versions with 32 or 64GB of storage space. The cameras are 5 or 12MP, giving up the Samsung 16MP sensor, for one at a lower resolution, but considerably better, especially in low light conditions. Batteries are higher. Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a 3,000 mAh battery, and the Edge version has a battery of 3600 mAh. The fingerprint sensor is where it was last year, and the microSD card slot was introduced again, as well as water resistance.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge - Pro Points

Incredibly vivid colors, perfect resolution, high contrast and brightness. The only difference I noticed was that the light no longer transforms the display in a mirror, as it happened to S6 or 6 Note.

The design is one of the key elements that differentiate S7 from the rest of smartphones launched by other manufacturers. As we've said above, it has not changed much compared to S6 but at the same time everything. Galaxy S7 borrowed a softly rounded S4 form and the "arch" back of 5 Note, and in combination with glass surrounding the 2.5D display. Samsung has managed to create a device that you will not want to let it out of your hand. Glass and cold metal contrasts nicely with the warm skin of the fingers and curves fit perfectly in the hollow of his hand. Samsung isn't the first company that uses glass and metal for the top smartphone (the people at Apple did it first), but is certainly the company that led such an art design.

Autonomy is enhanced considerably when we compare with the last year's model. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge can do everything for two days. There are the highest values we have heard, but are better than what you get with an iPhone and better than what you get on an S6.

Samsung put exceptional cameras on phones for a long time, but this year's model managed to surpass the whole market, at least in our opinion. At light, images have excellent detail and natural colors. The contrasts are good, but not so strong that you think you look at a Photoshop image. Focusing is fast and triggering instant. You clicked twice on the home button, and the camera was turned on and immediately you can make photos without missing out. At night, when the light is low, the performances are as good.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 - Against Points

The number of preinstalled applications is still quite high. That means if you opt for the version with 32GB of storage space you will not have very much available space. In addition, the partnership with Microsoft on the applications productivity translates into annoying messages like "Install Word now blah blah blah", with only some icons on the phone, not the applications themselves.

Always On display can be useful, but not for us. It is helpful to always see what notifications you hae or what time it is, without being forced to unlock the phone, but the solution can be implemented with greater elegance: for example, Motorola implemented an infrared sensor on the front and the screen turns on for Moto X if you pass your hand over it.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge - Conclusion

South Koreans made a smartphone near perfection. S7 is so good that other companies will have an extremely difficult time to release a better product. The problem is that Samsung has raised the bar so high that next year it would be difficult to make something else.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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