Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Reasons Why Samsung’s New Flagship Is Better


Until now, Apple stood tranquil on its throne, waving and smiling ironically at its rivals, because there was no smartphone capable of competing with its latest iPhone. But things have changed in 2016, because most of the manufacturers started using 64bit processors, much more powerful, and Samsung brought a premium device which is not only a beast, but it has an improved aspect. So, forget about the Galaxy S5 and its dotted pattern. The Galaxy S6 and the S6 version are the best smartphones that will make any iPhone owner bite his nails.

Here are the reasons why the Apple fans will be jealous of the Galaxy S6 owners.

A new design

Samsung learned from its mistakes and ditched the dotted pattern in favor of glossy plastic and metal, combined with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 for protection against scratches. The new Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge have a luxurious design, they’re sturdier and come in four color variants (White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum and Blue Topaz) to satisfy pretentious customers. The iPhone 6 Plus is using Gorilla Glass 3 and has an aluminum casing available in three color options: Space Gray, Silver and Gold. The Galaxy S6 Edge has a screen curved on both sides, and you can take advantage of those “peripheral” portions.

Faster processor

Samsung built the Exynos SoC processor using 40nm technology, and backed it with the latest 3GB LPDDR4 RAM, which gives double speed compared to LPDDR3 RAM. Also, LPDDR4 offers double bandwidth and it’s 10 percent more energy efficient, consuming 2/3rd less power compared to LPDDR1 RAM and 1/3rd less power compared to LPDDR3 RAM. The iPhone 6 Plus has an Apple A8 processor built on 20nm architecture and has 1GB LPDDR3 RAM.


Samsung retained the resolution of 16MP, but added a 5Mp camera on the front. The main shooter has F1.9 aperture lenses, smart optical image stabilization, auto real-time HDR, IR Detect White Balance and the high resolution sensors provide better images taken in dark environments. The iPhone 6 Plus has a camera with half of the resolution, but it offers optical image stabilization, dual-LED flash and has a sensor size of 1/3inch. According to a Reddit user who tested both phones in low light conditions, the Galaxy S6 managed to take crispier images with a great amount of colors and the brightness levels were clearly better.

WiFi charging and faster charging

Both of the new Samsung smartphones feature with built-in wireless charging capability and they work with any wireless pad that supports WPC and PMA standards. Also, the devices can be charged 1.5 times faster, and can provide four hours of usage if you let them charge for ten minutes. To charge an iPhone, you have to wait two hours, and also, there is no WiFi wireless charging.

Wireless Payment

Samsung introduced the new payment system named Samsung Pay, which works with NFC free stripe card readers and requires your fingerprint scan whenever you make a payment. Apple Pay is only a NFC-based system.

Who do you think will win between Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 Plus? And why, please try to be genuine about it, not talking from a fanboy point of view.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. How does the WiFi charging work?

  2. heyam56 May 2, 2015

    Samsung is a wonderful world

  3. karthik May 4, 2015

    Awesome mobile, good processor speed
    I would like to buy

  4. Shahid Nadeem May 4, 2015

    According to me SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 is much better than IPhone 6 as it is cheaper and more powerfull. It works better on high temperature.

  5. Josias May 4, 2015

    Samsung Galaxy S6. Muito bom

  6. samsung is more better than apple


    Samsung Galaxy S6- just wow! Samsung always does a new and wireless payment with finger print scan- just amazing invention.

  8. divya nair May 5, 2015

    nice one..divya nair

  9. samsung galxy s6 is jst mind blowing

  10. samsung galaxy s6 is better looking than i phone 6 plus

  11. numan May 7, 2015

    nice design

  12. Hiren May 7, 2015

    Because of Futures, Budget and very easy to use with Samsung Mobile Phone

  13. cuong May 9, 2015

    very good!

  14. Noman faisal May 11, 2015

    samsung is best because it have some extra features which other phone doesn't have

  15. I recommend the iPhone 6 plus- more features.

  16. Mahmoud May 12, 2015

    i like this mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 awesome

  17. Iphone 6 all the way..........S6 SUckss!!!!!!!!

  18. Stergios May 16, 2015

    I prefer Samsung!

  19. kamda May 24, 2015


  20. sweta Dutta May 26, 2015

    Very important Information as i am Samsung Smartpjone owner.

  21. samsung is a good brand. just buy it . and enjoy.

  22. Edward May 27, 2015

    It's good...I like this

  23. Aakanksha June 19, 2015

    Samsung phones are better as they have good battery backup and more user friendly. Also they are better for rough use and it has android which have good free applications for users.

  24. Marzio June 22, 2015

    It is certainly better the S6.

  25. feroz July 6, 2015

    good processor and 3gb ram!!!

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  27. best tecnology

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