Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review – A Beautiful And Futuristic Phone

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a phone with a large screen, built of metal and glass, which South Koreans hope to want it just because it's different. It's different, beautiful and innovative, to a certain extent. But is that enough?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ will go "hand in hand" in the next year. There are two "legendary" mobile phone made by the manufacturer. First deserves the title because it teached us to love big phones, second because it is not a trivial smartphone. The same can be said about S6 Edge, but it is bigger and has better qualities.

Introduction - Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a 5.7 inches phone. In centimeters, that means that is tall enough to be uncomfortable in most pockets. The first day you may use it with disgust, seems a device too large for small pockets or bags. The finger never easy reach from corner to corner of the screen and you are struggling to keep it in hand. Then the day ends, you still have energy in your phone and the large screen looks so good that you constantly looked at videos, pictures and all kinds of multimedia files.

As hardware, all on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ starts at the screen. It has one 5.7-inch S-AMOLED at QuadHD resolution curved on both edges. Theoretically, it helps when you watch movies that do not see the edges of the phone.

It has 4GB of RAM, the largest amount available on a mobile phone (which also is available on only other two or three phones), a battery of 3000 mAh which can be loaded with wireless and fast by cable, a camera of 16 megapixels and a sensor for measuring the pulse. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ can only have 32 or 64GB of storage without microSD card. The answer is speed. The cards are slower than the memory used by Samsung. Finally, the phone has fingerprint reader which works very well.

Once with the OS on Galaxy S6 Edge+ (which is still an Android Lollipop with TouchWiz), Samsung has corrected some flaws present at the first models this year.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ 2

Pro Points for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

The screen is the best available on a phone today. From the brightness power to the color reproduction, is great technology from Samsung, which combined with high resolution turns your phone into a very good choice for movies, games or simply reading.

It is a very nice phone, curved, made of metal and glass, even if it sometimes causes problems. With the new series and the new Galaxy S Note, Samsung has shown that it can also provide design and premium construction, as other companies did before.

Processor with eight cores gets better with 4GB RAM completed. Although we would have preferred fewer installed applications from Samsung, in terms of hardware it worths the money that the company ask. We will add here the camera: a 16 megapixel sensor capable of shooting 4K and making very good photos. Now you have the RAW option in the menu, once switched to Pro.

Points against Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Glass on the back of the phone is the worst idea. The phone slides on almost any surface, if slightly tilted. You should be careful where you put your phone, how likely it is. Solving this problem: a housing included in the package to render grip.

Final considerations for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

I haven't mentioned the lack of microSD card slot and removable battery. None of these things aren't a minus for me, although I do not deny that they are for other people. 32GB storage capacity is the minimum necessary for me and S6 Edge + starts from here. The removable battery is useful perhaps if you don't change your phone to up to one year. There are minuses or not, depends by the user.

Also, 3,000 mAh battery is lower than the 3220 mAh on last year's model. It is never a wise decision to decreased ability, but I'm glad that autonomy is the same. In my usual work pace kept me a whole day charge. A normal rate means continuously sync of all applications (including cloud storage), location on, Bluetooth turned on and brightness set to auto. For me it is satisfying, given that the daily phone (Motorola Moto X) lasts half a day at the same pace.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Conclusion

Galaxy S6 Edge+ is half of Note and half futuristic phone from Samsung. It is truly different from what exists in the market but yet different in design than utility. Here comes Galaxy S6 Edge+, which is a Note without stylus, but with different design.

S6 Edge+ is not revolutionary, nor is incredible. It's different and attract people's attention. Most who saw it and asked what it is said that it looks good, even better than an iPhone (matter of taste).

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. samsung galaxy s6 is the best phone. feature of s6 are incredible

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  3. nice one

  4. YahneeMeAryana August 25, 2015

    Nice! Wanna have one..

  5. it is nice mobile

  6. Este debe ser un tremendo teléfono, debería agregarle un protector para la parte de vidrio.

  7. i think samsung wants to be craved by all

  8. kosopo3 August 26, 2015

    Google doesn't releases shit but the ICS no shit slohreck holmes that's theirs. As too others they all have their on source codes, before putting idiotic stuff on here now ur going to tell me they own HTC as well N linux too, and motorola too. What i was tryn to explain was they paid google to buy the android project to make it into Android Open Source Project. So they could only use one Email carrier instead of having to sing in with different email carriers thats google part

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  15. Chie Fie August 30, 2015

    Looks pretty, but the points against it were too much for me. I have a habit of downloading things ( in part due to the unreliable internet connection in my area ) so 32gb is not enough for me.. Nice article:)

  16. rubonskhan August 30, 2015

    Its good Feature and awesome mobile

  17. stephenson August 30, 2015

    that good phone, good RAM and internal storage

  18. menmyspace August 31, 2015

    not a bad phn ... looks wise more on the sophisticated sides. would love to give it a try

  19. lens kamdem August 31, 2015

    It is really the mobile phone!

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  22. I love smart phone Galaxy S6 Edge O^O

  23. I like how Samsung is pushing the envelope with every new model. This is no exception. Have a G Alpha myself and loving every second of using it.

  24. I wish i could make a compliment about this, but the size of smartphones today really made me laugh. All smartphones are getting bigger and not easy to handle. Its even hard to put it in the pocket though.

  25. TechnoGuy September 10, 2015

    This phone is so beautiful but the negative points against it are definite drawbacks, you cant always be careful all the time.

  26. It has one 5.7-inch S-AMOLED at QuadHD resolution curved on both edges.That was amazing feature for its segment .

  27. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the best i love it

  28. It is a nice phone, not only good looking but with a powerful hardware, wish I live somewhere else, too expensive here

  29. paparidis September 17, 2015

    Very nice product i would like to have it!

  30. Samsung Galaxy edge 6 looks sleek and smart. Very stylish and modern look. I am sure the technology used is advance too. Overall a complete package

  31. SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 EDGE is an awesome mobile

  32. chandan October 6, 2015

    Samsung Galaxy is the best phone series ever and S6 is just awesome.

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  33. Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE + is an awesome phone because of its memory size 4GB RAM

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