Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini vs Galaxy S2 – Top Comparison Of The Most Used Smartphones

Leader on the smartphone market, Samsung always provides its users with high-end quality products at more than reasonable prices. But with a new device being released every few months, which one should you go for? Here is a comparison of two of their current most popular smartphones.

Display and Design

As far as picture and video quality goes, the two smartphones are identical as both Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and Galaxy S2 feature Super AMOLED touch screens that render resolutions of 480x800 pixels. However, Galaxy S2 takes the lead as it comes with a wider display, 4.3 inch as opposed to the 4 inch screen featured on Galaxy S3 Mini, but things may vary as some users prefers Galaxy S3 Mini's display ant not the one from S2.

Size wise, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini proves to be thicker as it measures 9.9 mm in thickness, whereas its opponent Galaxy S2 is 8.5 mm thick. The weight difference is hardly noticeable as Galaxy S3 Mini weighs 111.5 grams, only 4.5 grams lighter than Galaxy S2.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini vs Galaxy S2

Hardware and Operating System

Things are looking pretty tight as far as hardware specs go as both smartphones come loaded with 1GB of RAM and feature microSD slots to enable the expansion of the internal storage memory by up to 32GB.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini features a dual core cortex A9 processor that works at 1 GHz and also sports a NovaThor U8420 chipset. You can find it in stores in both 8/16 ROM variants.

Galaxy S2 is also powered by a dual core cortex A9 processor which in this case works at 1.2 GHz and features an Exynos chipset. However, you get more ROM with this device as it is available in stores in both 16/32 GB variants.

As expected with any Samsung device, the two smartphones run on Android. Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini runs on the Jelly Bean version, whereas Galaxy S2 runs on Gingerbread, upgradeable to both Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.


Galaxy S2 proves to be best value for money if camera is an important feature for you. This device sports an 8MP primary rear camera with features such as LED flash and autofocus and a 2MP secondary camera at the front. This outperforms Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, which features only a 5MP primary shooter with similar features and a VGA unit at the front.


Once again, Galaxy S2 takes the lead as its battery is a Li-Ion 1650 mAh unit, which translates into about 8 hours and 40 minutes of 3G talk-time. This is an hour and a half more than what Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini can support with its Li-Ion 1500 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini vs Galaxy S2 2


Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is as you would expect if you had contact with any Samsung smartphone. The interface is the same, same apps, and if you used a Galaxy S3 or Note 2 before, you will feel quite restricted in the smaller space of its screen. Autonomy is better at S3 Mini, this chapter helps the fact that the screen is smaller, and the difference in resolution is not observed as well. But the camera is slightly weaker than the Galaxy S and Galaxy Nexus (also 5 megapixels). If you make more shots in the same place, one after another, tones can be changed, the color temperature may be too hot or too cold. Galaxy S3 Mini doesn't have performance problems. Of course, there is a Samsung Exynos processor series, and none Tegra, still has moments where it takes a little longer to execute an operation, but if it is not graphic intensive games, no problems.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. I like it very much,it is very soficticated

  2. best comparison of both handset that clear all specification of handset when purchase new handset compare first

  3. i think samsung galaxy s3 mini is far more affordable with the features wht is has got

  4. Jones Francis September 15, 2014

    I choose Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini!!!

  5. got some idea between the two smart phones. but there is no difference in samsung smart phone almost all are alike.

  6. Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is great Smartphon

  7. Nick Bhatt September 17, 2014

    gr8 article, helped me . thanks. 😀

  8. Rengkai Pachal September 17, 2014

    Wow. Great review.

  9. Chiripantagar September 17, 2014

    Although the Galaxy S3 Mini is newer, I think the Samsung Galaxy 2 is still better and more complete. I personally prefer the second one! Good review, by the way!

  10. Md. Maruf Hossain September 18, 2014

    very useful topics

  11. i want to have one Galaxy S3 mini for me is better than Galaxy S2

  12. D Dasgupta September 18, 2014

    nice information

  13. It is very tough to compare, even though mini have 4 inch screen AMOLED screen is a better experience in S2. Battery back up is high for mini, we may think but energy efficiency of AMLED display may compensate the smaller difference in the capacity of battery.Mini looks good, more stylish.But some people prefer not style but ease to handle then s2 comes. In camera no comparison s2 is the king.Good comparison is done here.

  14. manoj bais September 18, 2014

    I think Samsung S3 is better as compare to S2

  15. pratheepha September 19, 2014

    all the features are interesting and good. i would buy this.

  16. I think that the best product still is Galaxy S2. the "Mini" range is made just to made people think that upper class smartphone can be affordable.

  17. i think that samsung galaxy s3 is more fun and more comfort for all the people .. has more usefull applications and is quicker than the other s2

  18. Samsung is a good brand it is better than iphone.Now iphone 6 is on the way to market i hope that sumsung will also come with new idea.

  19. Claudia Jocelyn Solano September 21, 2014

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, I've been thinking about changing it, because as you said, that little screen makes me feel pretty restricted.
    Thank you for this article, I I didn't know many things!

  20. Nice comparison. I was planning to buy S3 mini.

  21. adeel khan September 21, 2014

    samsung galaxy is love

  22. I think this is a GREAT phone!

  23. I choose Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

  24. the truth does not have much difference between them,
    have very similar characteristics to each other, and with the same interface.!

  25. Samsung Galaxy is my passion

  26. Leonardo Josue Figueroa Luna September 23, 2014

    Galaxy S3 Mini is the best !!
    Y recommended for all users

  27. If i have to choose i'd get S3 Mini, but both of these are excelent i suppose.

  28. very nice phone with new generation .

  29. matinicharova September 25, 2014

    right now i'm using galaxy s3 mini and i love it 🙂

  30. samsung galaxy 2 is good and inexpensive

  31. I think for Gaming Samsung would be the best

  32. ryanrlopez September 29, 2014

    Galaxy S3 has a bigger screen, very good for viewing short clips or full HD movie.

  33. Prem Anand September 29, 2014

    A good one, I will definitely go for this.

  34. NeuTroNzoR October 1, 2014

    The S3 mini has limited features in comparison with what could come out with, its just a "C" class for normal users.

  35. Samsung galaxy is the best!!!

  36. Praveen October 3, 2014

    Both the phones are awesome. But S2 is dashing than S3 in looks. Nice comparison by this amazing site. Love this... Although I was confused of buying a mobile phone right now, this helped me in deciding the better one. Thanks 🙂 🙂

  37. vailyn mendoza October 4, 2014

    samsung galaxy s3 is awesome and friendly user.

  38. Nive comparison. i think i will buy a S3 mini.Samsung is a good brand it is better than iphone

  39. 2 or 3 its all fine

  40. natalia October 9, 2014

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  41. natalia semerdjieva October 11, 2014

    stahotni sravnenia

  42. haseeb qureshi October 11, 2014

    wow, s3 is awesome and user friendly.

  43. jeanco5494 October 19, 2014

    the sansung galaxy has much better presence

  44. I'm going with the Samsung s3 mini

  45. i m going with the Samsung i don't like mini i like large.

  46. very useful article will go with s2

  47. sumit sharma November 5, 2014

    samsung galaxy s3 is better than Galaxy S2 in many ways like resolution,Processor speed,Camera.Battery backup.

  48. Francisco la November 14, 2014

    both options are very good, but I love the samsung but are the best option in the market and are leaders, in addition you can find more exelentes mobile applications

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