Samsung Finding Way For BADA

Nokia and Microsoft are working big time to make a sustainable space for the Windows phones. Lots of money has already been spent in and quite a number of people are already involved in tracking its shipments. With such a focused deal, Nokia has already created limits for by not going for other OS except Symbian. In the emerging smart phone market, lots of companies have restricted themselves to a particular OS and hence create an own set of competitions. However, a few versatile ones are still there that make sure that their consumers are not deprived from any service they want to have in terms of OS. Leading them is the multinational conglomerate, Samsung .This large group has shown quite expertise in every sector it has worked in, whether it is shipbuilding or electronics or even life insurance. The company has shown its versatility in the smart phone market in the recent years as it displayed phenomenal mobile devices on every platform. The company did wonders in the proprietary Java Symbian OS earlier and then it reign the Android market through the mind blowing series of Galaxy phones. It is one of the first companies to provide Chrome OS platform on their net books.

Recently, this company has been striking more gold by the success of it own mobile phone OS, Samsung Bada. Meaning the deep blue ocean, smart phones having Bada OS have surpassed the Windows enabled smart phones in sales and now this OS is quite in pace to surpass Blackberry  and even the much hyped Apple OS too.

Samsung has been flaunting its OS in various mobile phone shows since including the World Mobile Congress but it was in June, 2010 that Samsung came with the first ever Bada phone, the Wave S8500.The Wave proved to be a vital start for the OS and has been a success as it was loaded with 1GHz processor, AMOLED screen and an impressive touch screen surface. The consumers saw it as one hell of a smart phone while the industry got aware of the power Bada possess.

With the launch of the Wave, Samsung also announced an open market for Bada phone applications. Presently, the market has around 4000 applications which is quite nothing when compared to the large app oceans of Android and Symbian. But the market is on constant growth which is quite concrete as Samsung is well versed in application creations too.

After the Wave, Samsung came with an updated version of Bada in the much popular iconic series S8530 Galaxy II; in November 2010 .This wonder proved that Samsung is indeed focused on making damn powerful phones as this also had a 1GHz processor which makes it as powerful the iPad or any other tablet. The feature richness with which the phone came out looked as an obvious talent of this machine because of this processor.

Samsung never took it fast on the Bada platform but is making sure that every step taken is always in the forward direction. It is still rolling on the fabulous Android phones and tablets under the Galaxy series and simultaneously developing the Bada too. It has already launched a developer program which promises to fetch large amount of money for those who add up significantly to it. Also, it is working hard to popularize the platform to the people through the website and various other sources.

The Bada has a long way to travel and a tough challenge of survival too. As the smart phones are on a constant gain in the market share, so are the various platforms. All lies in how Samsung plans to take it from here and make Bada what it really means.

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