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We all like to remain updated, be it about latest happenings around our country, in the world, or even in our favourite sport. If one is a stock market trader, he would like information specific to the companies in which he is a share holder, or if one was a Forex Trader, one would wish to know about political stability in the countries whose currency he was trading. All such reasons make it imperative that one requires news from different sources and here is a website that provides this service of news on the go to just such people.

Founded and led by an experienced Silicon Valley leader, Alex Kazim, this company received about $12 million in terms of financing from Gannett Company, The New York Times and The Washington Post Company, in order to use their news services for its website. This website caters to electronic media and delivers all kinds of news from different newspapers to its website, so that a person who has subscribed to its services will have a complete knowledge about any particular news.

Advantages of

Ongo services are mobile news services for the iPad or iPhone and these services are a mixture of old fashioned editorials and new technology. The team at collects news from The Associated Press, New York Times, USA TODAY and The Washington Post print editions. It then collates them according to their categories and there are as many as 800 pieces of news on an average day. One can even ‘clip’ certain articles for further reference from this site through its ‘clippings’ link and this helps a person store certain articles on their account in order to be perused later.

Another great advantage about this website is that it allows a person to share a news article with another person through a link called ‘club’. This club belongs to an exclusive group of people who are invited by this person in order to share and post their ideas about any topic open to discussion.  However, there is no barrier to any amount of sharing from ongo, and users can invite even non – subscribers to look at the news articles that they have shared on the club. This proves to be a great benefit for those who do not have this service but would like to remain updated about various happenings or in what the newsprint has to say about something.

The future of

According to recent press releases that ongo has displayed on their website from their home base of Cupertino, California, they are soon to tie up with other news services like Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Reuters and about 20 more publications. For payments between $0.99 and $9.99, one can get add-on of news from Regional New York Times Company newspapers and this includes Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Santa Rosa Press Democrat and Star-News of Wilmington NC. A few other newspapers that one can get on add-on subscriptions are Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, Sun-Sentinel (South Florida), The Hartford Courant, Orlando Sentinel, The Morning Call and Daily Press. Join Now to learn more...


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