OnePlus 3T Review – What Makes it Special?



The Chinese based tech giant launched their OnePlus 3 flagship device at the beginning of the year and seeing how well it was received by the wide public, the company decided to create a premium version of it and launch it just in time for Christmas Holidays. The OnePlus 3T is the successor and it brings smartphones to a whole new level because of its impressive hardware performances, stable software and beautiful design. The mobile device can be found available right now on Amazon and it can be acquired for the price of $450. Today we will go over all of the device’s specifications so that readers can get an idea how much better is the OnePlus 3T variant than the standard OnePlus 3.


The OnePlus 3T comes in a premium design that fits perfectly in the user’s hands because it has been built from one block of aluminum which features rounded edges that make the device feel very comfortable in the user’s hand. Regarding the design, the gadget also features an Alert Slider similar to Apple’s Slider, which allows the user to switch between the Silent and Do Not Disturb modes.


The device ships with a 5.5 inch AMOLED full HD display that provides incredible color representations and picture rendering which is something that the standard OnePlus 3 was renowned for. Regarding color representation, users are given the option to choose between warm and cold colors which helps calibrate the display to their liking. The brightness level is also higher in comparison with the standard model, but that’s actually a good thing because the OnePlus 3 was notorious for having touch latency issues that affected the brightness.

Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor has become so popular over time that it’s now considered to be a standard smartphone feature. The OnePlus 3T is equipped with two fingerprint sensors on both sides but what makes them stand out from the rest is not their number it’s that users are allowed to configure them. The sensors can be used for authentication, blocking apps, navigation and even as a capacitive home button.



This section is what makes the OnePlus 3T stand out the most from the standard model because the device has received major performance improvements. The mobile device is powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 821 processor which makes the device perform ten percent better than the stock model. The addition of this better chipset gives the device more power while at the same time improving power consumption thus also increasing the battery life. The Qualcomm processor has been coupled with 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM which provide the user with so much more functionality than all other companies’ flagship devices. To get an idea on how well the device performs we put it through the AnTuTu benchmark test where it came out with a score of 1,61,620.


The biggest change in the camera department from the original model is that the OnePlus 3T features a 16MP front camera that comes with f/2.0 aperture, OIS (optical image stabilization) and it’s specialized in capturing raw images. The camera is perfect for snapping high quality pictures of landscapes because of amazing detail its able to capture. Worth mentioning is that the auto HDR mode works flawlessly which comes quite handy in low light circumstances. The camera is equipped with different fun shooting modes such as timelapse, slow-motion video, panorama mode and obviously it’s able to record 4K resolution videos.


The question that everyone is asking is if the OnePlus 3T is worth the extra money or not, and the answer to that is yes. At a first glance there might not be that many differences from the original model, but the device is significantly more powerful and the front camera enhancement can be clearly seen in the picture quality it puts out. Notably, even though the device is equipped with impressive pieces of hardware and optimized software the price it comes at is actually quite cheap when compared with other major flagship devices.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  2. stable software and beautiful design,but the device is significantly more powerful and the front camera enhancement can be clearly seen in the picture quality it puts out

  3. Pugazhendhi December 17, 2016

    Yeah.. It seems very good mobile with worth money..
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