OnePlus 3 Review – A Revolutionary Smartphone

OnePlus 3 is (or, rather, should be) one of the most popular smartphones of the moment.

The OnePlus company came out of nowhere and managed to cause a big impact in a very short time. OnePlus was first recommended as a flagship killer, it is equipped with top specifications and having a very low price compared with products of companies with little more history in this market. However, Chinese companies are doing this for some time - some better than others.

OnePlus 3

Fortunately for them (and the owners), OnePlus managed to deliver what it promises - a top smartphone, well optimized at a low price. OnePlus 2 had a few problems after its launch, including the sales system, but it was still a very good phone. OnePlus 3 comes with significant improvements, managing to raise on the important areas and addressing some of the shortcomings of its predecessor.

OnePlus 3 - Introduction

OnePlus 3 is, in all respects, a high-end smartphone. It is built around a full HD AMOLED display of 5.5 inches (considerably better than IPS on last year's model) and a unibody metal body. It has a Snapdragon 820 processor and 6GB RAM, more than all peaks range launched by large companies this year. It comes with 64GB of storage space, but lacks a microSD card slot and has 16MP respectively 8MP cameras. 3,000 mAh battery and a cable with USB C, and at the bottom of the screen there is a capacitive button "Home" that incorporates a fingerprint sensor.

Apart from the display - which reached the QHD (almost) all peaks range of this year - OnePlus 3 specifications are at a perfect high-end. At least on paper.

OnePlus 3 - Pro Points

Efficiency is worth mentioning in this review for OnePlus 3. Whether it's gaming, browsing or apps, OnePlus 3 is doing very well, and switching from one application to another is instant. The interface is optimized so as to exploit the response speed of the phone. There is no complex animations and there are "artistic" delays when you move from one screen to another or from one application to another.

Fast charging is another important asset of OnePlus 3. The smartphone is equipped with Dash Charge technology, and that means that the battery reaches 65% charge in just 30 minutes, whether the screen is on or off. This is impressive and can be very useful for people who are always on the run.

OnePlus 3 2

The design is pleasant, although it is not original. The phone feels great in hand, although very much reminds of the HTC One range, and the audio button to change profiles, borrowed from the iPhone, has a pleasant texture to the touch. OnePlus 3 is more elegant than its predecessor, although we must admit, we liked the back cover with coarse texture. OnePlus 3 is slippery, but has a pleasant symmetry and a premium look, and that's good.

The fingerprint sensor is one of the features that used to focus when writing reviews for smartphones and can no longer be considered a novelty, given that it arrived on midrange smartphones this year.

OnePlus 3 - Against Points

Autonomy is one of the strengths of the smartphone. In these circumstances, OnePlus 3 resists nearly 10 hours, meaning that we were forced to put it on charge before we sleep. The good news is the Dash Charge technology, mentioned above, that gives you a few extra hours of use for only a few minutes of charging, but you still have to have the USB cable to your C for such situations.

Filming is still a negative point for OnePlus 3. If the photo is doing considerably better on cameras than on last year's model, optical stabilization implemented by the Chinese seem to exist only on paper, not in reality, at least not for videos.

The lack of microSD card slot is also a minus point for OnePlus 3.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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