OnePlus 2 Review – 2015 Flagship Killer

OnePlus 2

Once they have registered remarkable success with their first phone, those from OnePlus will shake the market with a new model.

In terms of design, they kept some of the important elements, and added new ones. Also, the operating system is very much like the stock version of Android, with very few preinstalled applications beyond those provided by Google. But if we take a closer look, we realize that OnePlus 2 suffers from shortcomings that disqualifies its position of "2016 Flagship Killer".

OnePlus 2 - Points Pro

Price is the most important of these, no matter how praiseworthy are its performances, design or any other aspect. OnePlus 2 is slightly more expensive than its predecessor, but its prices are still well below those of the largest producers in the world. 16GB version costs 329 dollars, while the 64GB is available for about 389 dollars.

The phone design is very successful. Despite thickness, OnePlus 2 feels very good in hand and its back with a gritty look gives a very pleasant feeling during use. At OnePlus One model, this material could also be found on the edges of the phone. This time, however, OnePlus used a magnesium alloy which gives the device a premium look. Headphone jack is located at the top and type C USB port is on the bottom.

OnePlus 2 was the first device with a USB connector type C that we've used, and the cable that came bundled with the the phone is extremely elegant. These are among the things you should consider before you buy the phone. Once you do this step taken, gone will be the times when you could borrow from friends a cable to faster recharge the phone. On the right edge and volume buttons are placed at the start. They have a very good race and do not provide a satisfactory feedback.

OnePlus 2 has a single speaker located on the bottom, which does not offer the best sound quality that you may encounter. If you prefer to enjoy your favorite tracks without using headphones, then OnePlus 2 might not be the ideal phone.

The performances are worthy of a flagship. In terms of specifications, we have a phone with a Snapdragon 810, 4GB RAM, 64GB data storage, a 13 megapixel camera and a 5 megapixel secondary camera. About Snapdragon 810 were told many unpleasant things in the past, largely because of its tendencies to overheat. The Chinese claimed that users will not be faced, however, with such problems and they've held their promise.

However, there are times where there is an increase in temperature almost obtrusive. The first of these was right after we finished setting the phone to start, as expected, when Google made their applications updates. The strange thing is the fact that only the edges of the phone are heated too hard, but not its plastic behind.

OnePlus 2 Review 2

The 5.5-inch screen supports a Full HD resolution and the difference in quality between this and the images offered by the QHD screens is hardly noticeable. By implementing a 1080p display, the Chinese could ensure a long battery autonomy. The latter has a capacity of 3,300 mAh and is only 300 mAh higher than the OnePlus One. Given that we live in a time when any self-respecting manufacturer is launching phones that support "fast charge" the lack of this technology on OnePlus 2 means that the phone can hardly be called a "Flagship Killer" of 2016. Thus, will not be pleased to wait at least two hours every time you recharge your phone perfectly.

The new 13-megapixel sensor is accompanied by optical stabilization. In general, it is capable of good photographs, like most mobile brands in the market. In low light, however, it no longer has the same performance and its speed is less important, if we consider the cameras on phones like Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Invinte System returns. You thought you got rid of it? This year you will have to wait to be invited to purchase the phone from the OnePlus site. If you are not willing to wait that long and you can afford to spend a little more, then you will certainly find solutions more attractive on online stores in your country.


The conclusion is simple: OnePlus 2 is one of the top phones of the year. It has an extremely powerful hardware, relatively good software (especially if we consider the new Oxygen OS) and a pleasant design. But there is no killer flagship for this year or next year. OnePlus 2 has important drawbacks, which we mentioned in this review, which make it an "outsider" in the fight with the big flagships. We are convinced that some were even willing to overcome them, if they had to face the system based on invitations. It was, however, implemented again.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. MOTILAL MAHATO September 16, 2015


  2. I liked the review about the smartphone.

  3. good..OnePlusOne is really a very cost effective.It have very powerful hardware ans software.

  4. Indeed, with all of these it will be difficult to take down the big ones. But , it validates the trial and thus put the broad competition to think.

  5. Chiranjit September 18, 2015

    One+2 is the best phone in the range of 20000-30000inr

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    product very good

  7. its a nice mobile and advanced technology

  8. i use this mobile it is fantastic one. camera also good quality .display also great. actually it is a slim and easy to handle

  9. what a stunning design !! what a hardware combination !! it will surely break all the record of past and already has broken my heart cause presently i am not capable of buying this ! 🙁

  10. RV Nagaraju September 21, 2015

    The site is interesting. It has a lot of details though. It could be made concise

  11. RV Nagaraju September 21, 2015

    Nice Mobile. Further tweaking at price point at indian levels would do good

  12. Oh my god this is such a beautiful cellphone and I didn't know about the functionalities, thanks for the article.

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    i am waiting to buy this phone! i feel i will love it!


  15. Well samsung can rest easy one plus two does not challenge it.

  16. chalapathi September 29, 2015

    beast with impressive performance in all departments...must have phone

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    Good Product!!

  18. its a nice mobile and advanced technology

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    Very beautiful and well designed phone!! interface very nice!! Oneplus done great job!

  20. It looks awesome

  21. Great Product, i think i want to buy one

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