Nokia Lumia 800 – The First Finnish Windows Phone

Lumia 800 is the first Nokia Windows Phone or in other words, the starting point for a new adventure in Finland, after having considered that Symbian cannot survive in a market where Android and iOS registered an increasingly large percent. Windows Phone has gone from virtually zero and the increase until the present is far from spectacular.

Design, equipment.

Nokia Lumia 800 received generally positive feedback since its launch in November 2011, but did not made a boom like iPhone or Galaxy S. Design, although one of the best of what we saw in recent years, was inspired by the Nokia N9, the Finnish "experiment" with MeeGo OS.

We have therefore a solid, unibody, gentle poly-carbonate material. The device is quite massive in size, is 12.1 mm thick and 142 grams. At the top we find a 3.5 mm jack. The MicroUSB interface and the MicroSam card place are positioned all over, but covered by a plastic cap. Volume keys, Power/lock button and dedicated camera button are on the right.

Its 3.7-inch screen and 800 x 480 pixels stand out due to anti-reflective surface that makes it easy to read in lighting conditions. Sure, in bright sunlight, it is recommended to set up the brightness on "High". The Gorilla Glass protective area will be assessed in time for increased resistance to scratches and shock.

Windows Phone Mango on Lumia 800.

As of Microsoft platform, this seems to be mainly responsible for figures not exactly spectacular, because the world wanted (and still wants) the elimination of Windows Phone limitations. Here are some specific limitations, of course valid for the Lumia 800:

  •     No support for mass storage, access and transfer of content can be made only with Zune software;
  •     Lack of memory card slot;
  •     Lack of Flash support in browser;
  •     The main screen has only black or white background (the background picture only appears when you lock the screen).

Beyond the limitations, Windows Phone and Lumia 800 are a nice couple. From experience, saying it was a pleasure to have such a companion, a device that looks good and moves very quickly.

Speaking of applications, we may say that the outlook is encouraging. Recently, Microsoft released Windows Marketplace applications store in 23 countries, which means that now we can download on our Windows Phone anything, without being blocked by regional restrictions.


Media side proved to be a very nice one for Nokia World 800, its integrated camera managed to provide quality photo and video capture, even under unfavorable conditions.

Music also sounds good, but unless you use some quality headphones, the package is more than mediocre. When it comes to the speaker, things are changing for the worse. The speaker sounds weak and there is a lack of fidelity. We recommend sound + vibration to not miss the calls.


Our expectations were perhaps too high, being accustomed to the fact that Nokia offers phones with above average autonomy range. In this case, at first inexplicable, the battery was rapidly discharged overnight. Yes, I happened to leave the phone on with a battery level above 25%, and in the morning to see that is closed and has no plan to start. At first I thought it was a special case, only a problem of the tested terminal. Meanwhile, proved to be a real problem, overall, the Lumia 800 and its autonomy. Nokia released an update that solves this inconvenience.

Pluses and minuses.

  •  [+] Solid (unibody) and handsome smartphone;
  •  [+] Quality display;
  •  [+] A camera that you can rely on;
  •  [+] The Mango Windows Phone moves excellent on Lumia 800;
  •  [-] Mango Windows Phone specific limitations;
  •  [-] Weak speaker;

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. Bennoua April 1, 2012

    The quality and the solidity of Nokia lumia 800 is incomparable

  2. azsamsam April 2, 2012

    this is very nice phone

  3. THUMBS UP, so usefull

  4. NKgupta April 3, 2012

    These latest gadgets are super cool. I would like to give a try.

  5. karma29 April 3, 2012

    well Designed!!!! Amaizing features and very handy

  6. bomfalcao April 4, 2012

    amazing phone. i like the nokia and now i love this phone

  7. really a nice one from nokia.....:)

  8. what amazing...I must try it

  9. moneyed April 6, 2012

    Nokia Lumia 800 seem plush but design haven' t acquired yet is clinking beautiful.

  10. Francisco April 6, 2012

    this phone and incredible, the windows mobile system and one of the best if compared to the android

  11. tomer bridge April 7, 2012

    Its a amazing nokia windows phone.

  12. wow!!the camera quality is great!

  13. Nice phone... Does Mango support .exe format?

  14. I wanna have one of this phone

  15. norma09 April 8, 2012


  16. K9Blaze April 8, 2012

    How many Gbs is the Phone memory if it does not support memory card?

  17. Marianne April 11, 2012

    great exterior, the screen is a good 3.7inches. Promising windows phone but the lack of memory slot, having no support for mass storage and being limited to the use of Zune software to access and transfer contents is a bit of a downer. But overall, it's a good phone.

  18. janpedro April 13, 2012

    It's amazing quality and usable of this mobile

  19. Shankar April 15, 2012

    Nokia is the best mobile company. I like Nokia Lumia 800

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  21. Nokia lumia 800 is an awesome device,Nokia is not that behind with all the leading brands of smart phones.

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  24. Tanweer Khan April 20, 2012

    Nokia Lumia is Amazing phone. It's great mobile.

  25. Nokia is the best mobile company. I like Nokia Lumia 800
    amazing phone, looks very nice.

  26. Nazimbd85 April 22, 2012

    Super phone for hearing song

  27. ron2964 April 23, 2012

    One of the best models of Nokia! Great!

  28. Manisha April 24, 2012

    Nokia phone is the best mobile as compare to other........

  29. aralellimac April 27, 2012

    very stylish

  30. bayenmihir May 1, 2012

    Cool! I am wishing to have this one very soon.

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  33. Uzair Riaz May 15, 2012

    it is my dream to buy that phone

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