Motorola Unveiling Droid X With Google And Verizon


Motorola had recently unveiled their latest phone Droid X with a  huge official presence. The Unveiling of the Phone Motorola Droid X was in the presence of Google CEO, Adobe CEO, Google Vice President And Motorola's Co-CEO. That is too good for an unveiling program. The phone seems to be really worth of what Motorola proclaims.

Droid X runs on Android 2.1 but possibly will be upgraded to 2.2 soon. With a support to expandable memory of 32 Gb, it has 8 Gb inbuilt totaling to a huge 40Gb which will never run out.The screen is 4.3 inch wide which obviously help in the betterment of of Video Experience and from the other end, it supports 720p video recording with HDMI support.

Google Verizon Motorola DroidX

This Super Quality Droid X can be used as a Wi-Fi Hotspot with upto 5 Devices connected to it. But this is an extra paid on Feature which costs $20. Under this cost, first 2Gb of data will be free and subsequently Each MB will be charged  5 Cents. At the end, this is really a High end phone which has all the features it should have and much more! So its simply worth a Buy.

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  1. I feel satiesifd after reading that one.

  2. Sagar Shah October 17, 2013

    Extra ordinary features

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